Russia Pet Food Market - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

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The market occupies around 10.9% of the total European and 2% of the global pet food market. Pet food comprises about 70%-75% of the overall pet care products in Russia. Russian pet food market is a young market, compared to the Western European countries, and expected to witness a growth, owing to the increased domestic production. Estimates from Russian Union of Zoological Business states that, in 2016, a decline in demand for imported pet food was a result of the increasing domestic pet food sales. The demand for domestic pet food rose by around 20%, while the demand for imported pet food decreased by 40%, from the last decade.

The Russia pet food market was valued at USD 920.21 million in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 1181.09 million, by 2022, registering a CAGR of 4.25%.


Online sales are one of the largest drivers of the Russian pet food industry, especially in the urban areas. E-commerce gives consumers access to a wide variety of options, particularly in smaller towns, where hypermarkets are not very common. This is easily portrayed by the fact that online sales account for over 5% of the market. Moreover, the online pet food purchasing is witnessing a growth and expected to continue its upward trajectory. The internet is well-suited, especially, for info-centric health products like natural/organic or any health related products. The use of websites, chats, emails, etc., to communicate product benefits and detailed information, is driving an opportunity for many retailers to increase their customer base across the country. Hence, many top retailers are investing in online retailing. The major e- retailers in pet food industry are and Online retailing provides an immense opportunity for retailers to reach their target audience through website, blogs, and forums. Moreover, they also allow companies to create advertising campaigns, which caters to the large audience base while having larger conversion rates.


Along with the emphasis on quality nutrition for pets, prepared pet foods are replacing scraps and leftovers of human food that was traditionally given to pets in the country. While in the countries like the United States and Germany, the use of manufactured pet food has been popular for a while, unlike Russia where this has been a relatively recent phenomenon and is expected to grow at a rapid rate. Moreover, studies have shown that consumers in the region are increasingly influenced by branding and advertising, which promote animal wellness, causing pet food manufacturers to bolster their marketing endeavors which are focused on the benefits of their product on animal health. For example, the advertising efforts of major brands like Pedigree, a product of Mars International, have successfully been able to influence customers in Russia.

Another outcome of the increased attention to nutrition in pets is the growing trend of the veterinary expenditure on pets. However, as an alternative to high healthcare costs, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements are also becoming popular, thus, defining the increase in retail sales for nutrition enabled pet foods. In addition, the markets for snacks and targeted health products have increased at a rate of 48%, far greater than that of the net pet food which was around 18% in the country. This shows that besides catering to pet’s basic feeding needs, owners are thinking about keeping them in optimal health, making sure their fur, gums, psychology, etc. are in good condition. The rising health consciousness has also generated demand for pet food free of sugars, grains, dyes, and other chemical additives


The research center in Ulyanovsk will be the fourth Mars center of its kind in the world and the first in Russia. The center aims to study pet food is expected to cost 782 million rubles (USD 13.7 million). The new research center will “hire” (bring on board) 260 cats and 100 dogs from special catteries and kennels, located in Moscow region. The researchers will deal with nutrition, study cat, and dog food's palatability, and gather information for preparing pet food. The new Ulyanovsk plant is a strategic hub for the company that already owns two plants in Ulyanovsk and employs around 600 people.

The Pet Food Brands Produced in the Factory Include:

  • Pedigree
  • Whiskas
  • Kitekat
  • Chappi
  • Sheba
  • Perfectfit
  • RoyalCanin


  • Mars Inc.
  • Nestle SA (Purina)
  • Colgate-Palmolive ( Hill's Pet Nutrition)
  • Uni-Charm Corp.
  • Nutriara Alimentos Ltda
  • InVivo NSA
  • Agrolimen Sa
  • Mogiana Alimentos SA
  • Heristo AG
  • Deuerer
  • Wellpet
  • J.M. Sucker (Big Heart)
  • Diamond Pet Foods
  • Blue Buffalo


  • Mars is setting up its tenth Russian factory in the Rostov Region, which is set to open by the end of 2017
  • Mars was titled as one of the 2017’s Fortune 100 Best Companies, for the fifth consecutive year
  • PetLife planned to acquire Dr. Geoff’s Real Food for Pets
  • Bob Martin, a pet food brand, launched Simply+ that is a range of products marketed as “nutritionally advanced food that provides dogs with all the essentials of a healthy diet”
  • Balchem Corp., a global health and nutrition company, introduced a new line of specialty nutrients and unique processing additives

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Our Russian Pet Food Market Report Answers:

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  •  How have the increasing concern for pet nutrition and health been changing the Russian pet food market?
  • What are the emerging and small players prevalent in the country?
  • How is the online segment of pet food sales poised to grow in the Russian market, during the forecast period?

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