About Us


Our mission is to map complex business ecosystems across the globe to better predict butterfly effects.


We are a fully revenue-funded organization from founding in 2014. To date, we have partnered with 4000+ enterprises across 20 industries, to deliver precise data and actionable insights in over 6000 projects. Our domain-specific teams of research experts continuously track markets, enabling our clients gain competitive edge through high-quality market intelligence.



Our syndicated reports provide detailed market coverage and analyst insight into the various markets we continuously track. These reports are formulated with a broader industry audience in mind and provide a snapshot into the attractiveness, potential and competitive landscape of a market. Our syndicated reports are updated every year, making sure that all trends and insights are captured and analyzed in a single report...Know More


We offer fully tailored intelligence solutions to meet the unique business requirements of any organization. Our deep industry expertise coupled with cross-functional analyst teams ensures we can support the intelligence requirements of even the most specific of business problems. We provide a host of services from Market Entry to Technology Assessment, all uniquely tailored to the requirements of each client...Know More


Our individually curated Intelligence Centers offer 360° industry coverage with real-time data updates. Each of our selected ICs comes with dashboards that allow clients to compare data points with various macro and microeconomic factors that impact the industry. This panoramic view enables clients to understand the butterfly effects in their industry quicker, helping them make strategic decisions before their competition.



No individual organization can hire all of the expertise required to study markets across multiple geographies; or do so cost-effectively. Our distributed Expertise Model converts this challenge into an advantage.

We rely on our network of experts across the value chains of different markets in different countries to provide us with the right perspective and the latest data and insights so that we can deliver the right solutions to our partners. This network is constantly vetted and growing to ensure we track and identify ripple effects, wherever they may impact the most.

We currently have expert networks accessible in 100+ countries across all industries we study.


We’re very proud to call India our home and to be able to extend the advantages our location has to offer to our clients.

Our in-house teams are adept at leveraging knowledge from all sources. By constantly working on syndicated reports that leverage industry understanding from various sources, we are well-suited to adapt our knowledge to the challenge at hand. We are able to achieve all of this as we employ some of the brightest minds in the country from the top educational institutes that India has to offer.

Coupled with our distributed expertise model, we do not have the overheads that other firms have, helping us offer intelligence with a high level of accuracy at a significantly lower cost to our clients.


Our core competency is in gathering intelligence from the right sources, vetting it and providing insights that aid in strategic decision making. We follow a robust methodology that ensures our clients can rely on our intelligence. Key stages include:

  • Secondary Research – Gathering data from authoritative published sources that are constantly tracked by our analysts who are dedicated to studying that niche of the market.
  • Primary Research – Curating qualitative and quantitative insights from experts on the ground. Through detailed questionnaires and panels, we glean inputs from stakeholders from across the value chain of that industry. A typical expert group consists of manufacturers (or service providers), distributors, industry experts and CXOs of key industry players.
  • Data Triangulation – Verification of each data and analysis point from at least three sources to ensure a high level of accuracy. We understand that even inputs from primary research participants are not immune to subjectivity. All data presented in our reports undergo this strict process to ensure objective accuracy.
  • In-House Verification – Throughout the process, our internal subject matter experts ensure that our analyst perspectives take the nuances of each market into consideration before providing thought-provoking analysis.
  • Reporting – Presenting our findings through brief and well-articulated reports in various formats - pdf, ppt and excel data files for easy evaluation.