Fully Revenue Funded Organization

From our inception we are a fully revenue funded organization. Our growth from 2 to 550+ has been possible because of the exceptionally talented people we have had along the way.

Mordor Ceo picture

Reddy founded Mordor Intelligence in 2014 with the vision to help clients understand global business trends and anticipate butterfly effects. He bootstrapped the company to over 550 employees today. With over a decade of experience, Reddy has assisted clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, in making research-based decisions.

Reddy earned his AB in Mathematics from Colgate University, where he was a Lampert Fellow.

Bharadwaj Obula Reddy

CEO, Mordor Intelligence

HR picture

Sameeksha joined Mordor Intelligence in 2017, and has been our director of Human Resources since 2021. Prior to joining Mordor Intelligence, Sameeksha was heading HR at [x]cube LABS, a digital technology services company, where she oversaw the company’s growth and key hires.

Sameeksha has a Bachelor’s degree in Computers and holds an MBA from the University of Hyderabad.

Sameeksha Bansal

Director, Human Resources

Director, Research Operations  picture

Vivek Sikaria joined Mordor intelligence with close to 20 years of experience, as the Director of Research Operations. Prior to Mordor, Vivek worked at Infiniti Research for six years, ultimately overseeing the Competitive and Market Intelligence practice. Preceding this role, Vivek served as the head of the research division at Wipro Consulting. His career commenced with McKinsey & Company in 2006, where he spent six years, progressively taking on roles in Research & Consulting functions.

Vivek is a graduate of Symbiosis College, holding a bachelor's degree, and earned an M.B.A. from the ICFAI University.

Vivek Sikaria

Director, Research Operations

Ashish Gautam picture

Ashish has extensive experience in technology scouting, digital transformation, market-entry strategies, and building data models for business intelligence. As the leader of our TMT practice, this experience helps Ashish blend data-driven research insights with innovative methodologies and drive investment decisions within the TMT industry. Prior to Mordor Intelligence, Ashish worked as a Consultant with an Audio-Visual Integration Company.

Ashish has an Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science) and an MBA.

Ashish Gautam

Senior Manager, TMT

Avinash picture

Avinash has been studying the Agriculture and Food Industry for over 13 years now and heads our Agriculture, Food & Beverages practice. Avinash’s expertise lies in agricultural value chains: from seed to fork, market estimation and analysis, feasibility studies, logistics in the food industry, and in understanding competitive landscape​. Before Mordor Intelligence, Avinash held various roles in Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Consulting for markets in the Agriculture & Food Industry.

Avinash has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a Master’s degree in Agribusiness Management.

Avinash Desamangalam

Senior Manager, Agriculture, Food & Beverages

Soumya picture

At Mordor Intelligence, Soumya heads our Healthcare practice and brings with her over 12 years of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry experience across both, line and support functions including Laboratory testing, R&D, Market Research, Competitive & Business intelligence. Prior to Mordor Intelligence, Soumya was working as a Scientist and Medical Counsellor. Soumya’s expertise focuses on creation of market entry lines, formulation of business strategies and a synthesis of competitive intelligence in the Healthcare Industry globally.

Soumya has a Bachelor’s degree in Science, a Master’s degree in Biomedical Genetics and an MBA.

Soumya Goud

Senior Manager, Healthcare 

Himanshu picture

For a decade now, Himanshu has been keenly studying and following the dynamics of the Chemicals and the Energy Industry globally. With vast experiences in working on assignments that demand extensive market sizing exercises, feasibility studies, competitive intelligence, and strategic insights, Himanshu commands expertise in specialty chemicals, metals, plastics, and polymers.

Himanshu has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA.

Himanshu Vasisht

Senior Manager, Energy & Chemicals 

Jayveer picture

Jayveer brings with him over 13 years of experience, spanning across commodities market trading, equity research, investment banking and market research. At Mordor Intelligence, Jayveer heads our division that focuses on all New and Emerging Markets. Before Mordor Intelligence, Jayveer was working as an Advisor and Technical Analyst with an Investment Bank and Capital Markets before that.

Jayveer has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Jayveer Vora

Senior Manager, New & Emerging Opportunities

Phani Kumar image

Phani's experience in the Automotive and Aerospace & Defense industries covers Market Intelligence and Business Advisory roles. Having worked with several OEM's and all-tier clients, focusing on Supply-Chain of the mobility and transportation Industry, Phani has an expertise in strategic and technology roadmaps and market feasibility analysis studies across emerging, niche and matured geographies. At Mordor Intelligence, Phani heads our Automotive and Aerospace team.

Phani has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Phani Kumar

Manager, Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense

Apurva picture

Apurva has over 14 years of experience in various roles surrounding Sales, consulting, and business development - managing global client and partner relationships. At Mordor Intelligence Apurva heads our Partner Relations vertical where, Apurva and her team have consistently delivered exceptionally quick response rates for nearly a decade setting a remarkable standard of efficiency and excellence.

Apurva has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA.

Apurva Singh

Senior Manager, Partner Relations

Kartheek picture

With a decade of sales and business development experience, Kartheek excels in identifying client needs, tailoring solutions, and driving revenue through strategic client partnerships. Having guided countless clients through successful ventures, Kartheek’s understanding of the industry landscape, ability to make the complex simple and the challenging attainable has resulted in remarkable ROI for businesses across various sectors.

Kartheek has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceuticals and an MBA.

Kartheek Puttaparthini

Manager, Client Relations 

Krati picture

Krati brings extensive experience of Sales and Business Development in the Market Research, Intelligence, and Consulting Industry. Passionate about understanding the ever-evolving market landscape, Krati’s focus is on identifying opportunities for both clients and Mordor Intelligence.

Krati has a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering.

Krati Agarwal

Manager, Client Relations 

Rashmi picture

Rashmi has over 15 years of experience in cross-domain and consulting experience within Automotive, Aerospace, Healthcare, and Oil and Gas industries. At Mordor Intelligence, Rashmi handles Training and Research Operations that include centrally driven initiatives to improve processes, people, and products. Before Mordor Intelligence, Rashmi has worked with various companies in the field of research, analytics, management and financial consulting.

Rashmi has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Masters degrees as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Rashmi Hegde

Senior Manager, Training & Research Operations 

Surya picture

Surya brings with him a decade of experience in the field of Primary Research. Surya’s experience focuses on designing, planning, and execution of research projects to gather first-hand data directly from sources, such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups and additionally deriving insights to aid in decision-making. At Mordor Intelligence, Surya is the leader of our Primary Research efforts. Before Mordor Intelligence, Surya was working with a Market Research and Consulting firm.

Surya has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and an MBA.

Suryanarayan Naidu

Manager, Primary Research

Abhinanda  picture

As the leader of the Editorial Team, Abhinanda guides a group of language aficionados who meticulously refine market reports, ensuring accuracy and coherence. Abhinanda’s commitment to linguistic excellence ensures that every market report that reaches your hands is refined to precision.

Abhinanda has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in Culture Studies.

Abhinanda Banerjee

Manager, Editorial 

Navin picture

Navin comes with an experience of close to a decade in optimizing collateral delivery processes while concurrently enhancing customer experiences through collateral design. Navin’s focus and expertise lies in adeptly transforming data into impactful visuals that convey essential messages. At Mordor Intelligence, Navin heads our Delivery Operations Team.

Navin has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Navin Gubbala

Manager, Delivery Operations

Basha picture

Basha heads the Tech team at Mordor Intelligence and commands experience in developing complete product strategies, organising seamless development, and displaying a distinct ability to gather requirements, architect solutions, and create cross-functional synergy. Basha and his team are responsible of all cutting-edge technology applications at Mordor Intelligence.

Basha has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.

Jan Basha Shaik

Lead, Technology