North-America Genetic Testing Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 - 2026)

The North America Genetic Testing Market has been segmented by Type (Carrier Testing, Diagnostic Testing, Newborn Screening, Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing, Prenatal Testing, and Other Types), Disease (Alzheimer's Diseases, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Thalassemia, Huntington's Disease, and Other Diseases), Technology (Cytogenetic Testing, Biochemical Testing, and Molecular Testing), and Geography (North America).

Market Snapshot

Study Period: 2018 - 2026
Base Year: 2020
CAGR: 9.8 %

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Market Overview

Major factors, like emphasis on the early disease detection and prevention, growing demand for personalized medicine, increasing application of genetic testing in oncology, and large demand for direct-to-customer genetic tests, are expected to drive the growth of the overall market.

There are numerous genetic disorders that get detected early during pregnancy, using various invasive and non-invasive techniques. With these technological developments, physicians have become capable of performing tests with better accuracy and looking at multiple genes at a time. Consumer's demand for safe and effective genetic tests is fueling the growth of this market. Additionally, growing demand for personalized medicine and increasing application of genetic testing in oncology are resulting in the growth of the North American genetic testing market.

There is also an increase in awareness among the individuals about the benefits and the potentiality of genetic testing, to identify and cure diseases or abnormalities, which is the primary reseaons for the growth genetic testing market.

Moreover, increase in the aging population, advancements of technology in the genetic testing space, subsequent increase in the cases of chronic diseases, and rising cancer cases are few factors aiding the growth of the North American genetic testing market.

Scope of the Report

As per the scope of the report, a genetic test is performed to identify the presence of a gene, with a particular sequence in the genome. The gene can be either identified directly through sequencing or can be identified indirectly through various methods. These genetic tests are carried out to assess the risk of an individual developing a certain disease.

By Type
Carrier Testing
Diagnostic Testing
Newborn Screening
Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing
Prenatal Testing
Other Types
By Diseases
Alzheimer's Diseases
Cystic Fibrosis
Sickle Cell Anemia
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Huntington's Disease
Other Diseases
By Technology
Cytogenetic Testing
Biochemical Testing
Molecular Testing
By Geography
North America
United States

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Key Market Trends

Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing is Expected to be the Major Contributor to the Market over the Forecast Period

Predictive and presymptomatic testing is utilized for the detection of gene mutations that are related to disorders appearing after birth, frequently in the later stages of life. Such tests can be of assistance to individuals having a family member with a genetic disorder, even though they are free from any features of the disorder while testing. Predictive testing can aid in the identification of mutations that can increase an individual’s possibilities of developing disorders, as in the case of specific cancers. Thus, the rising incidences of cancer and growing awareness about the diseases are expected to lead to more such tests, which, in turn, is expected to drive the market.

Number of leukaemia cases from 2018 to 2040, Global

Competitive Landscape

Growing genetic disease incidences unravel new opportunities for genetic testing and its related applications. The transformation of genetic testing from being a service-driven market to a product-driven market is anticipated to provide a push to the diagnostic companies for expansion of their operations.

Table of Contents


    1. 1.1 Study Deliverables

    2. 1.2 Study Assumptions

    3. 1.3 Scope of the Study




    1. 4.1 Market Overview

    2. 4.2 Market Drivers

      1. 4.2.1 Emphasis on Early Disease Detection and Prevention

      2. 4.2.2 Growing Demand for Personalized Medicine

      3. 4.2.3 Increasing Application of Genetic Testing in Oncology

      4. 4.2.4 Large Demand for Direct-to-Customer Genetic Tests

    3. 4.3 Market Restraints

      1. 4.3.1 High Costs of Genetic Testing

      2. 4.3.2 Potentially Adverse Personal or Societal Consequences

      3. 4.3.3 FDA Strictly Regulates Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)

    4. 4.4 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

      1. 4.4.1 Threat of New Entrants

      2. 4.4.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers

      3. 4.4.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

      4. 4.4.4 Threat of Substitute Products

      5. 4.4.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry


    1. 5.1 By Type

      1. 5.1.1 Carrier Testing

      2. 5.1.2 Diagnostic Testing

      3. 5.1.3 Newborn Screening

      4. 5.1.4 Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing

      5. 5.1.5 Prenatal Testing

      6. 5.1.6 Other Types

    2. 5.2 By Diseases

      1. 5.2.1 Alzheimer's Diseases

      2. 5.2.2 Cancer

      3. 5.2.3 Cystic Fibrosis

      4. 5.2.4 Sickle Cell Anemia

      5. 5.2.5 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

      6. 5.2.6 Thalassemia

      7. 5.2.7 Huntington's Disease

      8. 5.2.8 Other Diseases

    3. 5.3 By Technology

      1. 5.3.1 Cytogenetic Testing

      2. 5.3.2 Biochemical Testing

      3. 5.3.3 Molecular Testing

    4. 5.4 By Geography

      1. 5.4.1 North America

        1. United States

        2. Canada

        3. Mexico


    1. 6.1 Company Profiles

      1. 6.1.1 23&Me Inc.

      2. 6.1.2 Abbott Laboratories

      3. 6.1.3 Ariosa Diagnostics Inc.

      4. 6.1.4 Cepheid Inc.

      5. 6.1.5 Illumina Inc.

      6. 6.1.6 Luminex Corporation

      7. 6.1.7 Biorad Laboratories Inc.

      8. 6.1.8 PerkinElmer Inc.

      9. 6.1.9 Quest Diagnostics Incorporated

      10. 6.1.10 F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

    2. *List Not Exhaustive

**Competitive Landscape covers- Business Overview, Financials, Products and Strategies and Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions

The North-America Genetic Testing Market market is studied from 2018 - 2026.

The North-America Genetic Testing Market is growing at a CAGR of 9.8% over the next 5 years.

Abbott Laboratories, Cepheid Inc., Illumina Inc., 23&Me Inc., F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd are the major companies operating in North-America Genetic Testing Market.

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