Top Five fast growing companies in Consumer and Office Robotics Market in China(2020 - 2025)

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The Overall Global Robotic market demand is expected to rise over 10% in the next five years. The Robotics technology can largely be divided into two segments: Industrial Robotics and, Consumer and Office Robotics. Though the popularity of robots started with Industrial robotics, it has now penetrated into homes and offices too. The Consumer and Office Robotics market, growing at a CAGR of 17%, is estimated to grow many folds by 2020. The fastest growing region for the market is the APAC region due to the accelerated growth of the region and the high amount of investment by the automotive manufacturers in the segment, with countries like China, Japan and South Korea leading in the region. Consumer and Office Robotics can be segmented according to their functions, as Home Cleaning and Maintenance, Telepresence and Home Entertainment.

The technology is being driven by the popularity of robotics for home and office functioning, the rise of mobility (Mobile Phones/ Smart Phones/Tablets) and the development of Artificial Intelligence and Navigation System to perform complex functions and activities. The advancement in the field of algorithms and artificial Intelligence (AI) will not only help robots to function more autonomously, but will also contribute to the development of a Robotic System that uses a prefixed technique to pass messages between systems and function like a smart sensor to control multiple systems.

The technology has several obstacles as well; more so for the new entrants into the market. The technology suffers from a high cost of adoption and high price for assembling as key powering technologies are expensive. These robots can be employed for tasks that are dirty, require more effort and are dangerous to perform. However, there have been certain questions raised in the past regarding the uncertainty in the performance of the machines. These safety concerns have greatly hindered the adoption of the technology on a large scale.

Consumer and Office Robots can be segmented on the basis of category, component (Processors, Software, Microcontroller, sensors, Actuators, camera, Displays, Power Supplies, Communication Technologies, Mobile Platforms and balls and legs), and end-user (Task Robots, Entertainment Robots, Security and Surveillance Robots, Personal Robots and Educational Robots).

Investment Opportunities in the technology have been described for five of the fastest emerging companies in China; namely Shenzhen Zhoumao Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Auqi Inflatables Co., Ltd., F.D Dispenser Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Yiren Industry Co., Ltd., with descriptions of their company profiles, business strategies, products and services, innovations and recent developments, SWOT analysis and financial overviews.

What the report offers

The study highlights the Consumer and Office Robotics Market in China and predicts the growth of the market with details of the growth pattern, market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, governmental regulation and policies associated, future forecasts etc. of the region.

The market has also been segmented on the basis of Category, Component and End-User for a better understanding of the shares and revenues.  Additionally, the report talks of the financial condition of the sector with a financial overview of the Top Five emerging companies in China in the domain showing maximum promise and implications of growth in the country. 

1. Introduction

2. Scope of Report

3. Market Overview

            3.1 Introduction

            3.2 Supply-Side Analysis

            3.3 Demand-Side Analysis

            3.4 Porter's Five Industry Forces Analysis

                        3.4.1 Industry Competition

                        3.4.2 Potential of New Entrants

                        3.4.3 Power of Suppliers

                        3.4.4 Power of Customers

                        3.4.5 Threat of Substitute Products

            3.5 PEST Analysis

                        3.5.1 Political Factors

                        3.5.2 Economical Factors

                        3.5.3 Social Factors

                        3.5.4 Technological Factors

            3.6 Market Regulations and Policies

4. Market Dynamics

            4.1 Drivers

                        4.1.1 Penetration of Robots in Homes and Offices

                        4.1.2 Rise of Mobile Phones/ Smartphones/Tablets

                        4.1.3 Development of Artificial Intelligence and Navigation Systems

            4.2 Restraints

                        4.2.1 High Cost of Technology

                        4.2.2 High Price of Key Powering Technologies

                        4.2.3 Safety Concerns

            4.3 Opportunities

                        4.3.1 Shift in Demand from Industrial Robots to Consumer and Office Robots

                        4.3.2 Scope in Autonomy in Functionality

                        4.3.3 Robotics for Aiding the Disabled

5. Market Segmentation

            5.1 By Category

                        5.1.1 Home Cleaning and Maintenance

                        5.1.2 Telepresence

                        5.1.3 Home Entertainment

            5.2 By Component

                        5.2.1 Processors

                        5.2.2 Software

                        5.2.3 Microcontroller

                        5.2.4 Sensors

                        5.2.5 Actuators

                        5.2.6 Camera

                        5.2.7 Displays

                        5.2.8 Power supplies

                        5.2.9 Communication Technologies

                        5.2.10 Mobile platforms

                        5.2.11 Balls and legs

            5.3 By End-user

                        5.3.1 Task Robots

                        5.3.2 Entertainment Robots

                        5.3.3 Security and Surveillance Robots

                        5.3.4 Personal Robots

                        5.3.5 Educational Robots

5.3.6 Consumer and Office Robotics Market in China

                        5.3.7 Investment Opportunities in Consumer and Office Robotics in China

               Companies: Shenzhen Zhoumao Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Auqi Inflatables Co., Ltd., F.D Dispenser Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Yiren Industry Co., Ltd.

                           Company Profiles

                           Business Strategies

                           Products and Services

                           Innovations and Recent Developments

                           SWOT Analysis

                           Financial Overview

                                       Basic Financial Structure

                                       Funding Pattern

                                       Recent Fundings

                                       Sales Forecast

                                       New and Existing Contracts

                                       Market Presence

                                       Client List

                                       Major Investors


                                                6. Number of Employees

7. Market Landscape

            7.1 Market Trends

            7.2 Market Forecasts

            7.3 New Product Developments and Innovations

            7.4 Mergers and Acquisitions

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