North America Next Generation Storage Market - By Geography, Trends, ForecastBy Technology (All Flash Arrays, Hybrid Arrays, Cloud Based Disaster Recovery), Applications (Cloud Storage Services, Enterprise Data Storage, Big Data Storage), Industry,

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Rapid technological advancements and increasing volume of unstructured data across different verticals/industries has generated the need for a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient storage infrastructures in North America. In the current scenario, enterprises are facing the challenges, posed by the escalating data volumes, velocity and variety  leading to increasing demand for storage solutions. Advanced technologies are being utilized ranging from cloud applications to enterprise storage – to address the complex business challenges and transform the flood of data and information into tangible and valuable business insights further leveraging the demand for next generation storage market.

Next generation storage solutions are the  computing devices that are  used to store, port and extract data files and objects in a quicker and in a more efficient manner.  In recent years, the market for storage has been booming, owing to the increasing demand, floating in from the buyers/clients for better performing storage infrastructures, which has further led to demand to flash storage solutions. Such advancements in technologies has led to better storage and recovery of information in a quicker and efficient manner.

The North America Next Generation Storage Market is expected to gain momentum owing to increasing demand for high scalable, fast and economical storage solutions over the forecast period. The demand for Next Generation Storage Market in North America is expected to witness CAGR of 34.95% to reach total market value of $3.33 billion by end of 2020, from its current worth $0.55 billion in 2014. Rising need for big data storage and increasing adoption of cloud storage gateways are some of the factors driving the growth of the market in North America.

Additionally, rapid advancements in semiconductor technology and falling prices of flash memory solutions will be the key factors augmenting the growth of North American next generation market.

United States held the largest market share in 2014, followed by Canada, mainly attributed to rapid advancements in semiconductor technology and falling prices of flash memory in the region

In 2014, the market for North America Next Generation Storage solutions by technology was dominated by the Hybrid array market share followed by All-flash arrays solutions. Increasing demand and ability to solve storage performance problems for enterprises and service providers will be the key factors escalating the growth of the segment.

Some of the major players mentioned in the report are IBM, Dell Inc., EMC Corporation, NetApp, Inc., HP and SanDisk Corporation.

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