North America Gelatin Market - SIZE, SHARE, COVID-19 IMPACT & Forecasts (2023 - 2028)

The North America Gelatin Market is segmented by Form ( Animal Based, Marine Based ) , by Country ( Canada, Mexico, United States ) and by End User ( Personal Care and Cosmetics, Food and Beverages )

North America Gelatin Market Size

Study Period: 2018 - 2028
Largest Share by End User: Food and Beverages
Largest Share by Country: United States
CAGR: 2.41 %

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North America Gelatin Market Analysis

The North America Gelatin Market stood at 195.48 million usd in 2021 and is projected to register a CAGR of 2.41% to reach 220.18 million usd in 2026.

  • Largest Segment by Form - Animal Based : The segment is a leader in the source category due to the relatively lower price of animal-based gelatin. It is an optimal choice for people with shellfish allergies.
  • Largest Segment by End User - Food and Beverages : The dominant position of the F&B sector is mainly due to gelatin application in the bakery sector. The blend of gelatin and other protein sources is widely used in the sector.
  • Fastest-growing Segment by Form - Marine Based : Bioavailability, rising awareness, and improved functionalities are the major factors expected to boost the segment to be the fastest-growing form during the forecast period.
  • Fastest-growing Segment by End User - Personal Care and Cosmetics : The application of gelatin in the personal care and cosmetics sector is growing rapidly, supported by the entry of many local and global players offering innovative products.

North America Gelatin Industry Segmentation

By Form
Animal Based
Marine Based
By Country
United States
Rest of North America
By End User
Personal Care and Cosmetics
Food and Beverages
Dairy and Dairy Alternative Products
RTE/RTC Food Products

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North America Gelatin Market Trends

This section covers the major market trends shaping the North America Gelatin Market according to our research experts:

Largest Segment By End User : <span style="font-family: 'regular_bold';color:#0e7db3;">Food and Beverages</span>

  • The North American gelatin market is solely driven by its application in the F&B industries, where the bakery, beverages, and confectionery categories lead its revenue sales. Among all, the bakery segment dominates the application, holding a share of 56%. This was attributed to the multi-functional properties of gelatin, boosting its applications in the preparation of fillings or toppings. However, during the forecast period, the beverages sector is projected to be the fastest-growing segment, with a 3.53% CAGR, by value.
  • Consumers are opting for actual protein sources such as gelatin for hair and skin health, rather than catalysts that claim equal potential. As a result, in terms of growth, personal care and cosmetics outpaced other segments, with a projected value CAGR of 6.36% during the forecast period.

Largest Country : <span style="font-family: 'regular_bold';color:#0e7db3;">United States</span>

  • The United States remained the largest consumer of gelatin in the region. Also, according to the International Food Information Council, on average, 43% of Americans look for healthy foods while still quoting taste as the primary motivator of purchase. This consumer willingness to eat healthy food without compromising taste also fostered the consumption of gelatin protein-infused RTE/RTC products. The segment is projected to record a CAGR of 2.10%, by value, in the forecast period.
  • Canada, on the other hand, holds the second-largest share in the market. With the growth of Jewish and Islamic populations in Canada, the market is reacting to the growing demand for gelling agents made from pork alternatives, such as beef or fish gelatin. However,  in the forecast period, the Mexican market for gelatin protein is projected to be the fastest-growing segment, with a value CAGR of 5.33%. 

North America Gelatin Industry Overview

The North America Gelatin Market is moderately consolidated, with the top five companies occupying 45.32%. The major players in this market are Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Baotou Dongbao Bio-tech Co. Ltd, Darling Ingredients Inc., GELITA AG and SAS Gelatines Weishardt (sorted alphabetically).

North America Gelatin Market Leaders

  1. Ajinomoto Co. Inc.

  2. Baotou Dongbao Bio-tech Co. Ltd

  3. Darling Ingredients Inc.


  5. SAS Gelatines Weishardt

*Disclaimer: Major Players sorted in no particular order


North America Gelatin Market News

  • May 2021: Darling Ingredients Inc. announced that its Rousselot brand expanded its range of purified, pharmaceutical-grade, and modified gelatin with the launch of X-Pure® GelDAT – Gelatin Desaminotyrosine.
  • November 2020: Rousselot launched a new delivery format, the gummy caps, for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical gelatin ingredients offered under its SiMoGel brand, enabling manufacturers to tap into the growing popularity of chews and gummies. Gummy caps combine the benefits of capsules, soft gels, and gummies in a single delivery format. Created with SiMoGel in a starchless depositing process, gummy caps can be used to deliver a broad range of active ingredients at highly accurate dosages, from nutritional solutions to OTC products.
  • September 2019: Rousselot, a Darling Ingredients brand producing collagen-based solutions, announced the reorganization of its brands and products into three new strategic segments: Rousselot Health & Nutrition, Rousselot Biomedical, and Rousselot Functional Ingredients. As collagen continues to gain traction in the market, the company is repositioning its offerings to develop an equal number of collagen-based solutions in these growing categories.

North America Gelatin Market Report - Table of Contents

  1. 1. Executive Summary & Key Findings

  2. 2. Introduction

    1. 2.1 Study Assumptions & Market Definition

    2. 2.2 Scope of the Study​

    3. 2.3 Research Methodology

  3. 3. Key Industry Trends

    1. 3.1 End User Market

    2. 3.2 Per Capita Animal Protein Consumption

    3. 3.3 Raw Material/Commodity Production

    4. 3.4 Regulatory Framework (*Only for the major country/countries)

    5. 3.5 Value Chain & Distribution Channel Analysis

  4. 4. Market Segmentation

    1. 4.1 By Form

      1. 4.1.1 Animal Based

      2. 4.1.2 Marine Based

    2. 4.2 By Country

      1. 4.2.1 Canada

      2. 4.2.2 Mexico

      3. 4.2.3 United States

      4. 4.2.4 Rest of North America

    3. 4.3 By End User

      1. 4.3.1 Personal Care and Cosmetics

      2. 4.3.2 Food and Beverages

        1. Bakery

        2. Beverages

        3. Condiments/Sauces

        4. Confectionery

        5. Dairy and Dairy Alternative Products

        6. RTE/RTC Food Products

        7. Snacks

  5. 5. Competitive Landscape

    1. 5.1 Key Strategic Moves

    2. 5.2 Market Share Analysis

    3. 5.3 Company Profiles

      1. 5.3.1 Ajinomoto Co. Inc.

      2. 5.3.2 Baotou Dongbao Bio-tech Co. Ltd

      3. 5.3.3 Darling Ingredients Inc.

      4. 5.3.4 GELITA AG

      5. 5.3.5 Hangzhou Qunli Gelatin Chemical Co. Ltd

      6. 5.3.6 Italgelatine S.p.A.

      7. 5.3.7 LAPI GELATINE S.p.a.

      8. 5.3.8 Nitta Gelatin Inc.

      9. 5.3.9 SAS Gelatines Weishardt

  6. 6. Appendix

    1. 6.1 Appendix-1 References

    2. 6.2 Appendix-2 List of Tables & Figures

  7. 7. Key Strategic Questions for Proteins CEOs

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North America Gelatin Market Research FAQs

The North America Gelatin Market is studied from 2018 - 2028.

The North America Gelatin Market is growing at a CAGR of 2.41% over the next 5 years.

Food and Beverages is growing at the highest CAGR over 2018 - 2028.

United States holds highest share in 2020.

Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Baotou Dongbao Bio-tech Co. Ltd, Darling Ingredients Inc., GELITA AG, SAS Gelatines Weishardt are the major companies operating in North America Gelatin Market.

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