Asia Pacific Peas Market - Growth and Trends, Forecast to (2020 - 2025)

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Asia Pacific Peas Market 

Peas are traded worldwide and grow well in winter or in a cool environment. This legume originated in China and India but became popular as a commercial legume crop in the middle century. In Asia, China and India are the largest pea producing countries and have a significant production volume at the global level.

India is the largest producer, consumer and the main importer of dried peas in the world. The total production of peas in India was 800,000 metric tons in 2005, ranked fifth in the global peas production. Despite having huge production, the country is unable to meet the demand of its large and rising population. The high consumption demand for dried peas in the country has made India the largest importer of peas in the world. The total import of dried peas in India was 2.14 million tons in 2015, with a share of 39.6% in the global import of peas. China is the second largest importer of dried peas, with a total import volume of 903,258 tons in 2015, followed by Bangladesh with a total volume import of 376,409 tons. In total, Asia accounts for 67% of the global peas import volume. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Japan are the other major importers of dried peas in the world. The major exporters of dried peas to Asia are Canada, France, and the US. Australia has a significant exporting market in Asia-Pacific, with a total export volume of 160,493 tons in 2015 ranking it as the fifth largest exporter in the world. India accounts for only 0.2% of the total world export of dried peas.

The Asia-Pacific pea crop market report covers the following information –

  • Crop production
  • Asia-Pacific consumption
  • Asia-Pacific trade (export-import) scenario and statistics
  • Major enterprises and traders operating in the market
  • Price trend and seasonality of the crop
  • Future outlook of the crop market

Stakeholders who would benefit -

  • Crop growers
  • Enterprises providing agricultural inputs
  • Traders and companies operating in the segment
  • Crop processing companies
  • Crop importers and exporters
  • Investors/research institutions interested in the crop market

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