Pharmaceutical industries in Zimbabwe: Analysis of consumption and production trends of several key industries (2020 - 2025)

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Companies do not have the necessary capital to boost their business after the dollarization of the currency. The major challenge crippling the industry is lack of capital. If funded properly, the local industry's installed capacity is capable of meeting 65 percent of the country's needs, a long shot from current levels of 20 percent. This will enable the sector to increase its exports. Old or antiquated plant and machinery is in urgent need of replacement to improve production efficiencies and product quality. This will make the industry more competitive not only locally but also in the regional markets especially against South African and Indian companies that have been the main source of essential drugs in the Region.  

1. Country

1.1 Country Summary

1.2 Research Methodology

  2. Sectors

2.1 Manufacturing

2.1.1 Summary Country Sectors Pharmaceuticals Statistics companies(Key players,revenues,market shares) Technologies in place government policies new developments exports(countries) imports (countries) prices (ten years) Trends in Production


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