Morphine Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027)

The Morphine Market is segmented by Dosage Form (Injection, Oral Tablets, and Other Dosage Forms), Application (Pain Management, Diarrhea Suppressant, Cold and Cough Suppressant, and Other Applications), and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America). The report offers the value (in USD million) for the above segments.

Morphine Market Snapshot

morphine market
Study Period: 2019-2027
Base Year: 2021
Fastest Growing Market: Asia Pacific
Largest Market: North America
CAGR: 7.5 %

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Market Overview

The morphine market studied was projected to grow with a CAGR of nearly 7.5% during the forecast period, 2022-2027.

In recent times, countries have faced a huge threat of COVID-19. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus disease is an infectious disease, and most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness. Chronic pain was one of the hardest-hit areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many patients overburdened with their chronic pain and delays in their ongoing treatments. For instance, according to a research article "COVID-19 And Its Impact on Pain Management Practices: A Nation-Wide Survey of Indian Pain Physicians" by Rajendra K Sahoo et al., published in the Indian Journal of Anesthesia in December 2020, it was found that 63.16% of pain physicians had a fear of spreading or contracting the disease to patient’s family members, 26.79% had impaired sleep, 1.43% physicians were feeling depressed, and 8.14% had feelings of anxiety. However, the demand for pain medications, such as opioid drugs including morphine, greatly increased over the pandemic. According to a study titled, "The Effect of SARS-CoV-2 On The Prescribing Of Antimicrobials And Analgesics By NHS General Dental Practitioners In England", published in January 2021, opioids drugs demand during April 2020 was about 28,563, while in April 2019, it was 15,507, increase by approximately 84%. However, temporary outages in the manufacturing plants had resulted in supply chain disruption. Thus, COVID-19 had a significant impact on the studied market growth.

The major factor attributing to the growth of the market is the rising prevalence of orthopedic diseases and chronic pain, increasing palliative care facilities, and the rise in the usage of morphine for pain management.

Morphine is considered some of the most effective drugs for the management of pain. Moreover, their use in the management of severe pain and chronic pain, which are associated with advanced medical illness, is considered to be standard practice in most parts of the world. Furthermore, The rising occurrence of orthopedic disorders, such as arthritis, elbow pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis, is the primary factor responsible for the rising growth of the morphine market. As per the February 2021 update by World Health Organization, approximately 1.71 billion people have musculoskeletal conditions worldwide. Low back pain causes the highest burden with a prevalence of 568 million people. Musculoskeletal conditions are one of the leading contributors to disability worldwide, thereby driving the need for its therapeutics which in turn is boosting the morphine market towards growth during the study period.

As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2020, over 32.5 million patients were affected by osteoarthritis in the United States. In the United Kingdom, there is a steadily increasing rate of osteoarthritis. Moreover, pain associated with orthopedic diseases is more common in the elderly population. therefore, the expected rise in geriatric populations will also augment the market growth during the study period.

Thus, due to the above-mentioned factors, the studied market is expected to be significantly driven during the study period. However, prescription drug abuse and risk factors associated with morphine are expected to hinder the growth of the studied market during the study period.

Scope of the Report

As per the scope of the report, morphine is an analgesic and narcotic drug obtained from opium for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The Morphine Market is segmented by Dosage Form (Injection, Oral Tablets, and Other Dosage Forms), Application (Pain Management, Diarrhea Suppressant, Cold and Cough Suppressant, and Other Applications), and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America). The market report also covers the estimated market sizes and trends for 17 countries across major regions globally. The report offers the value (in USD million) for the above segments.

By Dosage Form
Oral Tablets
Other Dosage Forms
By Application
Pain Management
Cancer Pain
Neuropathic Pain
Osteoarthritis Pain
Other Pain Managements
Diarrhea Suppressant
Cold and Cough Suppressant
Other Applications
North America
United States
United Kingdom
Rest of Europe
South Korea
Rest of Asia-Pacific
Middle East & Africa
South Africa
Rest of Middle East & Africa
South America
Rest of South America

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Key Market Trends

Pain Management Segment is Dominating the Morphine Market

Morphine is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Morphine extended-release tablets and capsules are only used to relieve severe pain that cannot be controlled by the use of other pain medications. Opioids play a vital role in acute post-operative settings to provide adequate analgesia. The rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and other diseases is expected to increase the demand for morphine solutions for relieving pain. This will drive the pain management segment growth in the studied market during the study period.

Arthritis refers to the inflammation of a joint. When joints are inflamed, they can develop stiffness, warmth, swelling, redness, and pain. There are over 100 types of arthritis, namely osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, gout, pseudogout, etc. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) article published in October 2021, 23.7% of adults in the United States have arthritis. According to the article “What Is The Global Prevalence Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Among Different Age Groups And Ethnicities?” published in 2021 the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis is almost 3 cases per 10,000 population with a prevalence of 1% every year globally.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2021 the estimated new numbers of cancer cases were 1.9 million and 608,570 cancer deaths in the United States. And in 2022 the same source projected that the new number of cancer cases will be 1.9 million and 609,360 cancer deaths in the United States.

According to the study "Morphine Use For Cancer Pain: A Strong Analgesic Used Only At The End Of Life? A Qualitative Study On Attitudes And Perceptions Of Morphine In Patients With Advanced Cancer And Their Caregivers" published in February 2020, people preferred using morphine as they prioritized optimal pain control and reduction of suffering. Focused education programs addressing morphine misperceptions might increase patient and caregiver acceptance of opioid analgesics and improve cancer pain control. This study indicates that morphine is a readily adopted pain reliever for cancer patients and survivors, thereby propelling the segment during the study period.

Thus, owing to the above-mentioned factors, the studied segment is expected to boost the segment growth during the study period.


North America Dominates the Market and Expected to do Same in the Forecast Period

North America is expected to dominate the overall market during the forecast period. The market growth is due to the factors, such as the presence of key players, the high prevalence of chronic diseases in the region, and established healthcare infrastructure are some key factors accountable for its large share in the market. Furthermore, beneficial government initiatives and an increase in the number of research partnerships are some of the drivers expected to increase the market growth. In this region, the United States has the maximum share due to supportive healthcare policies, a high number of patients, and a developed healthcare market.

According to the article "One In Five American Adults Experience Chronic Pain" published in Science Daily Journal in August 2021, chronic pain is among the most common chronic conditions in the United States. Approximately 50.2 million (20.5 percent) of United States adults experience chronic pain. The estimated total value of lost productivity due to chronic pain is nearly USD 300 billion annually. Therefore, the rising burden of chronic pain in the country and the burden on the healthcare infrastructure are expected to drive the studied market in the region during the study period.

Additionally, as per the October 2021 update by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, 1 in 4 adults was suffering from arthritis and severe joint pain. This may cause pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling around the joints. People might find it difficult to walk. Hence, there is an increased demand for morphine as it is a pain reliever. This will also positively contribute to market growth. A rise in the geriatric population will also positively impact the market growth as the elderly population is more susceptible to chronic disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, which are associated with pain.

Therefore, along with the above-mentioned factors, the awareness initiatives for chronic pain management will boost the demand for morphine in the region during the study period.


Competitive Landscape

The morphine market is moderately competitive and consists of several major players. Some of the companies, which are currently dominating the market are MALLINCKRODT PHARMACEUTICALS, Pfizer Inc., Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Verve Health Care Ltd, and AbbVie Inc. among others. The strategies such as partnerships and acquisitions are readily adopted by market players which are propelling the market growth.

Recent Development

  • In May 2022, researchers at the University of Arizona Health Sciences and the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences entered into an innovative partnership to combat the opioid crisis and to discover and develop modern therapeutics for the treatment of chronic pain.
  • In October 2021, a study led by the University of California, Irvine demonstrated that the extract of the plant Corydalis yanhusuo prevents morphine tolerance and dependence while also reversing opiate addiction

Table of Contents


    1. 1.1 Study Assumptions and Market Definition

    2. 1.2 Scope of the Study




    1. 4.1 Market Overview

    2. 4.2 Market Drivers

      1. 4.2.1 Rising Prevalence of Orthopedic Diseases and Chronic Pain

      2. 4.2.2 Increasing Palliative Care Facilities

    3. 4.3 Market Restraints

      1. 4.3.1 Prescription Drug Abuse

      2. 4.3.2 Risk Factors Associated With Intake of Morphine

    4. 4.4 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

      1. 4.4.1 Threat of New Entrants

      2. 4.4.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers

      3. 4.4.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

      4. 4.4.4 Threat of Substitute Products

      5. 4.4.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

  5. 5. MARKET SEGMENTATION (Market Size by Value - in USD Million)

    1. 5.1 By Dosage Form

      1. 5.1.1 Injection

      2. 5.1.2 Oral Tablets

      3. 5.1.3 Other Dosage Forms

    2. 5.2 By Application

      1. 5.2.1 Pain Management

        1. Cancer Pain

        2. Neuropathic Pain

        3. Osteoarthritis Pain

        4. Other Pain Managements

      2. 5.2.2 Diarrhea Suppressant

      3. 5.2.3 Cold and Cough Suppressant

      4. 5.2.4 Other Applications

    3. 5.3 Geography

      1. 5.3.1 North America

        1. United States

        2. Canada

        3. Mexico

      2. 5.3.2 Europe

        1. Germany

        2. United Kingdom

        3. France

        4. Italy

        5. Spain

        6. Rest of Europe

      3. 5.3.3 Asia-Pacific

        1. China

        2. Japan

        3. India

        4. Australia

        5. South Korea

        6. Rest of Asia-Pacific

      4. 5.3.4 Middle East & Africa

        1. GCC

        2. South Africa

        3. Rest of Middle East & Africa

      5. 5.3.5 South America

        1. Brazil

        2. Argentina

        3. Rest of South America


    1. 6.1 Company Profiles


      2. 6.1.2 Pfizer Inc.

      3. 6.1.3 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

      4. 6.1.4 AbbVie Inc.

      5. 6.1.5 Sandoz Canada Inc.

      6. 6.1.6 Mayne Pharma Group Limited

      7. 6.1.7 Daiichi Sankyo Inc.

      8. 6.1.8 Verve Health Care Ltd

      9. 6.1.9 Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.

      10. 6.1.10 Viatris

    2. *List Not Exhaustive

**Competitive Landscape covers- Business Overview, Financials, Products and Strategies and Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Morphine Market market is studied from 2019 - 2027.

The Global Morphine Market is growing at a CAGR of 7.5% over the next 5 years.

Asia Pacific is growing at the highest CAGR over 2021- 2026.

North America holds highest share in 2021.

Pfizer Inc., Verve Health Care Ltd., MALLINCKRODT PHARMACEUTICALS, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., AbbVie Inc. are the major companies operating in Global Morphine Market.

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