Functional Mushrooms Market Size, Share ‚ Segmented By Type (Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion‚Äôs Mane, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Chaga), By Applications (Food and Beverage, Functional Food and Beverage, Dietary Supplements) Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2019 - 2024).

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Functional Mushrooms Market Insights

Mushrooms have been a staple of many cuisines. Modern cultivation methods have made the most common types of mushrooms, like portobellos, shiitakes and many others popular globally. Functional mushrooms also known as medicinal mushrooms are produced from mycelium (the root system of the mushroom) which is being grown on grain, are the strains that have beneficial properties that can positively impact the consumer’s health.

The global functional mushrooms market is expected to record a CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period.

Health Benefits Associated with the Consumption of Mushrooms

Functional mushroom have health benefits beyond providing nutrition. Common advantages cited by proponents of the functional mushroom trend include anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful for consumers with a variety of medical conditions that include inflammation as a symptom. The presence of substances like antioxidants, which can help boost blood flow, reduce stress, strengthen immunity, many other benefits drive the functional mushrooms market globally.

Reishi and Cordyceps Holds Major Share in Breakfast Food Market

The functional mushrooms market is largely dominated by reishi and cordyceps followed by the other types of medicinal mushrooms. Reishi, Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as the “Elixir of Life” and the “Mushroom of Immortality”. Considered to be the #1 herb in the entire TCM pharmacopoeia. Cordyceps, mostly used by many professional athletes to increase endurance and stamina and energy, and also to reduce recovery time after strenuous workout, increases the mitochondrial ATP synthesis by as much as 40%.  All these medicinal mushrooms are used to boost and balance the consumer’s immune system.

Functional Mushrooms Market

Chaga, which is most consumed functional mushroom as an everyday tea for better digestive system and have immune-modulatory effects in the body, is the fastest growing functional mushroom in various application during the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific Dominating the Functional Mushrooms Market

With high production, consumption and exports, Asia-pacific functional mushrooms market records the highest market share. China being the dominating country, it exports functional mushrooms to other countries like United States, U.K, Germany, etc., followed by Japan. Europe is the fastest growing region in the global functional mushroom market during the forecast period.

Functional Mushrooms Market Key Developments

  • January, 2018: Four Sigmatic introduced a functional mushroom infused coffee with an aim to transform the fungi to improve immune system.

Functional Mushrooms Market Competitive landscape

  • Half Hill Farm Inc.
  • Zerif Lite.
  • Real Mushrooms.
  • Pan's Mushroom Jerky.
  • Om. Organic Mushroom Nutrition.
  • Yuguo Farms.
  • Rebbl.
  • Kettle.
  • Fire, Inc.

Reasons to Purchase Functional Mushrooms Market Report

  • Analyzing outlook of the market with the recent trends and Porter’s five forces analysis
  •  Market dynamics which essentially consider the factors which are impelling the present market scenario along with growth opportunities of the market in the years to come
  • Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research incorporating the impact of economic and non-economic aspects
  • Global and country level analysis integrating the demand and supply forces that are influencing the growth of the market
  • Competitive landscape involving the market share of major players along with the key strategies adopted for development in the past five years
  • Comprehensive company profiles covering the product offerings, key financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis and strategies employed by the major market players
  • 3 months analyst support along with the Market Estimate sheet in excel.

1. Introduction           

            1.1 Scope of the Market         

            1.2 Study Assumptions           

            1.3 Research Phases  

            1.4 Study Deliverables 

2. Market Insights                   

            2.1 Market Overview   

            2.2 Functional Mushrooms Market Trends      

            2.3 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's Five Force Analysis       

                        2.3.1 Degree of Competitive Rivalry

                        2.3.2 Threat of Substitutes

                        2.3.3 Threat of New Entrants

                        2.3.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers

                        2.3.5 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

3. Market Dynamics                

            3.1 Functional Mushrooms Market Drivers      

                        3.1.1 Growing demand for functional food

                        3.1.2 Health benefits associated with the consumption of mushrooms

                        3.1.3 Stringent Regulations Related to Processing of Medicinal Mushrooms

            3.2 Functional Mushrooms Market Restraints 

                        3.2.1 Inability to be included in few recipes such as house teas and infused beverages

            3.3 Functional Mushrooms Market Opportunities        

                        3.3.1 High Scope of Entry for the New Players

4. Market Segmentation                      

            4.1 Functional Mushrooms Market By Type     

                        4.1.1 Reishi

                        4.1.2 Cordyceps

                        4.1.3 Lion’s Mane

                        4.1.4 Turkey Tail

                        4.1.5 Shiitake

                        4.1.6 Chaga

                        4.1.7 Others    

            4.2 Functional Mushrooms Market By Applications     

                        4.2.1 Food and Beverage

                           Processed Food

                           Functional Food and Beverage

                           Dietary Supplements

                        4.2.2 Personal Care

                        4.2.3 Pharmaceutical

                        4.2.4 Others

5. Functional Mushrooms Market Regional Analysis                

            5.1 North America Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.1.1 United States Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.1.2 Canada Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.1.3 Mexico Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.1.4 Rest of North America

            5.2 Europe Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)             

                        5.2.1 Germany Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.2.2 U.K Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.2.3 France Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.2.4 Spain Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.2.5 Italy Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.2.6 Russia Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.2.7 Rest of Europe

            5.3 Asia-Pacific  Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.3.1 China Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.3.2 Japan Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.3.3 India Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.3.4 Australia Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.3.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific

            5.4 South America Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.4.1 Brazil Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.4.2 Argentina Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.4.3 Rest of South America

            5.5 MEA (Middle East and Africa) Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)          

                        5.5.1 UAE Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.5.2 South Africa Functional Mushrooms Market Size (2018-2023)       

                        5.5.3 Rest of MEA

6. Functional Mushrooms Market Competitive Landscape                   

            6.1 Most Active Companies    

            6.2 Key Strategies Adopted     

            6.3 Market Share Analysis       

7. Functional Mushrooms Market Company Profiles                

            7.1 Half Hill Farm Inc.

            7.2 Zerif Lite

            7.3 Real Mushrooms

            7.4 Pan's Mushroom Jerky

            7.5 Yuguo Farms

            7.6 Om. Organic Mushroom Nutrition

            7.7 Rebbl

            7.8 Kettle and Fire, Inc.

            7.9 Alaffia

           7.10 Paul E. Stamets and Fungi Perfecti, LLC, 

           7.11 Dr. Joseph Mercola. 

           7.12 Sotru

8. Disclaimer

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