Aircraft Ejection Seat Market ‚ Segmented by Aircraft type (Training Aircraft, Combat Aircraft), Fit (Retrofit, Linefit), by Seat type (Single Seat, Twin seat), and by Geography - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2019 - 2024)

Aircraft Ejection Seat Market ‚ Segmented by Aircraft type (Training Aircraft, Combat Aircraft), Fit (Retrofit, Linefit), by Seat type (Single Seat, Twin seat), and by Geography - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2019 - 2024)

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Aircraft ejection seat is designed to rescue the pilot or crew members of an aircraft during an emergency scenario. The market is focused on innovative solutions for aircraft ejection seat technologies to design improvement in seat features.  Manufacturers are coming up with many new developments in the designs of aircraft ejection seats to boost the safety of pilots, Aircraft ejection seats continuous undergo development to improve the survival rates of pilots. One of the key areas is increasing the trajectory height of the seat in a favorable direction and quickening the parachute activation after an escape, ensures maximum safety for pilots. Moreover, in advanced aircraft ejection seat models, the control push-buttons activate the canopy explosive system, followed by seat ejection.

Growing Emphasis for Fleet Modernization and Expansion

Fighter jets are a vital aerial combat aircraft used by Air Force and Marines of different countries. With the growing terror threats and political tensions among nations, the focus has been shifted towards the modernization of fleet by replacing aging aircraft with new advanced stealth fighter aircraft. Newer generation fighter jets are capable of multi-role abilities and have larger payload carrying capacities with stealth features. India, one of the top countries with large armed forces and ground combat vehicles, has modernization plans and have attracted several military aircraft manufacturers globally. India is anticipated to procure more than 100 aircraft during the forecast period. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boeing and Saab are offering their aircraft with advanced technologies to win the contract worth almost USD 15 billion. India plans to replace the Russian made MiG jets with the new aircraft. Earlier in November 2017, Canada expressed its interest in replacing its F/A-18 fleet of the Swiss Armed Forces with 40 new aircraft. The government also plans to raise the defense annual budget for the coming years. However, the new aircraft is expected to enter operation by 2030 which will result in the current 30 F/A-18 fighter jets to remain in operation for a longer period. The US also plans to intake about 2,457 F-35 jets that are expected to replace several of the aging fighter jets that are currently being operated by US Air Force and Marines. Likewise, even Denmark has about 27 F-35 aircraft on order and is expected to replace its aging F-16 aircraft fleet that is operational since 1980. Denmark is one of the countries along with Canada, Britain, and Turkey that are investing for the development of F-35A fighter jet. These factors are driving the market for aircraft ejection seat market.

Source: Mordor Intelligence Analysis

Major Players:

Martin Baker, NPP Zvezda, United Technologies Corporation, Airborne Systems NA Inc., Survival Equipment Services Ltd., Clarks Precision Machine & Tool among others.                                                       

Recent Developments:

Jun 2018: USAF Fighter and Bomber Crews Get Modified M4 Rifles That Fit Under Ejection Seats

Oct 2016:  Martin-Baker contracted for ejection seat explosive cartridges including those of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The contract covers parts for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, each of which uses a different variant of the F-35, as well as foreign military sales to Korea, Israel, and Japan.

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1. INTRODUCTION                          

             1.1 Scope of Study            

             1.2 Market Definition        

             1.3 Executive Summary  

2. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                  

             2.1 Study Deliverables     

             2.2 Study Assumptions  

             2.3 Research Phases        

3. MARKET INSIGHTS                   

             3.1 Current Market Scenario          

             3.2 Technology Trends   

             3.3 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's Five Force Analysis

                                3.3.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

                                3.3.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers

                                3.3.3 Threat of New Entrants

                                3.3.4 Threat of Substitute Products and Services

                                3.3.5 Competitive Rivalry within the industry

4. MARKET DYNAMICS                 

             4.1 Drivers            

             4.2 Restraints      

             4.3 Opportunities               


             5.1 Training Aircraft          

             5.2 Combat Aircraft          


              6.1 Retrofit           

              6.2 Linefit              


              7.1 Single Seat    

              7.2 Twin seat       


              8.1 Seat Actuator               

              8 .2 Foams and Fitting     

              8.3 Belts

              8.4 Parachutes    

              8.5 Life Support  

              8.6 Others             

9. AIRCRAFT EJECTION SEAT MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY                              

             9.1 North America             

                                9.1.1 United States

                                9.1.2 Canada

                                9.1.3 Mexico

                                9.1.4 Rest of North America

             9.2 Europe            

                                9.2.1 Spain

                                9.2.2 United Kingdom

                                9.2.3 Germany

                                9.2.4 Russia

                                9.2.5 France

                                9.2.6 Rest of Europe

              9.3 Asia-Pacific   

                                9.3.1 China

                                9.3.2 India

                                9.2.3 Japan

                                9.3.4 Rest of the Asia-Pacific

             9.4 South America             

                                9.4.1 Brazil

                                9.4.2 Argentina

                                9.4.3 Rest of South America

             9.5 Middle-East & Africa  

                                9.5.1 Saudi Arabia

                                9.5.2 South Africa

                                9.5.3 Rest of the Middle-East & Africa

10. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE                 

             10.1 Introduction              

             10.2 Market Share Analysis           

11. COMPANY PROFILES                             

             11.1 Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd               

             11.2 NPP Zvezda                

             11.3 United Technologies Corporation     

             11.4 Airborne Systems Inc.           

             11.5 Survival Equipment Services Ltd.      

             11.6 Clarks Precision Machine & Tool        

             11.7 NeOmega Resin        

             11.8 Rockwell Collins, Inc.              

             11.9 Acro Aircraft Seating              


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