Online Travel Market In India - Industry Analysis, Trends, Forecast (2020 - 2025)

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Online Travel Market In India 

India, which has the second fastest growing economy in the world after China in terms of GDP, has become a popular business market for online tourism and travel. The country also having the third largest number of internet users after China and U.S, has started using online booking of travel plans more frequently due to its convenience. The e-travel industry contributes to a majority of 88% growth of the Indian e-commerce industry.

Online travel portals successfully provide a 360 degree virtual tour apart from audio tours, photographs, video reviews and video blogs either put by regular travellers or by the travel agency itself. The pressures of day to day life coupled with the ease of access and booking through online tourism portals have given rise to more spontaneous travels. 

The report spans the overall structure of the Indian Online Travel Market and provides premium insights into the drivers, constraints, opportunities, challenges, market size and share, industry attractiveness based on the Porter's Five Forces, supply and demand share analysis, latest technologies, and current trends and forecasts. The report also includes a list of the top five players in the Indian landscape showing tremendous investment opportunities in the sector with details of their financials, tangible and non-tangible accounts etc. ‘Finite travel’ to a number of places that are vulnerable or endangered to time-related risks has also become a rising trend now.

The primary market drivers are the increased spending power of the people, growing internet and credit card penetration, governmental initiative to spread tourism, emergence of new online segments and the much anticipated growth in civil aviation market. The major short term restraints in the upcoming trends are the low operating margins and the non-reliability of offline partners. Other factors that require attention are the limited penetration of the service to the urban areas, payment processing issues, cultural barriers and lack of customer willingness, poor industry practices and insufficient tech infrastructure.

The market that can be segmented on the basis of the service offered as Airline and Railway ticketing, accommodation and hotel reservation, organized tour packages and car rentals, has sufficient opportunities in the domain of mobile platform, seamless merging of online and offline facilities, shift to non-air travel segments, scope in medical and travel tourism and the exploitation of social media for its services and promotion.

The three stalwarts in the sector of Indian online travel market are Make my trip, Yatra, Cleartrip followed by the smaller Ezeego1 and Akbar Travels of India Pvt. Ltd. Of the five, only Make My Trip is publicly listed while the rest are growing at a tremendous pace.

However, the market has to face some long term challenges of cutting through the high market competition which has more than 15 companies and the nullification of commissions on air tickets. Given the current trends, there is a need to diversify the business model and adopt the role of a travel advisor, as well as offer services to end-customers for a more convenient and hassle-free travel.

What the report offers

 1. Market Definition for the specified topic along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.

2. Market analysis for the Online Travel Market in India, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a regional and local scale.

3. Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on a regional and local scale.

4. Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their strategic initiatives and market shares.

5. Identification and analysis of the Macro and Micro factors that affect the Online Travel Market in India.

6. A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.

1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Scope of Report

4. Market Overview

            4.1 Introduction

            4.2 Supply-Side Analysis

            4.3 Demand-Side Anaysis

            4.4 Porter's Five Industry Forces Analysis

                        4.4.1 Industry Competition

                        4.4.2 Potential of New Entrants

                        4.4.3 Power of Suppliers

                        4.4.4 Power of Customers

                        4.4.5 Threat of Substitute Products

            4.5 PESTEL Analysis

                        4.5.1 Political Factors

                        4.5.2 Economical Factors

                        4.5.3 Social Factors

                        4.5.4 Technological Factors

                        4.5.5 Environmental Factors

                        4.5.6 Legal Factors

5. Market Dynamics

            5.1 Drivers

                        5.1.1 Increased Spending Power

                        5.1.2 Growing internet Penetration

                        5.1.3 Credit Card Penetration

                        5.1.4 Growth in Tourism

                        5.1.5 Emergence of New Online Segments and E-commerce

                        5.1.6 Growth in Civil Aviation Market

                        5.1.7 Increase in Number Of Start-ups

            5.2 Restraints

                        5.2.1 Low Operating Margins

                        5.2.2 Non-reliability of Offline Partners

                        5.2.3 Limited Penetration

                        5.2.4 Payment Processing Issues

                        5.2.5 Cultural Barriers

                        5.2.6 Industry Practices

                        5.2.7 Tech Infrastructure

            5.3 Opportunities

                        5.3.1 Exploitation of Mobile Platforms

                        5.3.2 Seamless Merging of Online and Offline Platforms

                        5.3.3 Global Expansion of Start-ups

                        5.3.4 Shift to Non-air Travel Segments

                        5.3.5 Scope in Medical and Sports Tourism

                        5.3.6 Social Network Domain

            5.4 Challenges

                        5.4.1 High Market Competition

                        5.4.2 Nullfication of Commission on Air Tickets

6. Market Segmentation

            6.1 By Service

                        6.1.1 Ticketing





                        6.1.2 Accomodation and Hotel Reservation

                        6.1.3 Tour Packages

                        6.1.4 Car Rentals

7. Emerging Companies in Online Travel Market in India

            7.1 Make My Trip

                        7.1.1 Current Sales Figure

                        7.1.2 Cash Flow Statements

                        7.1.3 Annual Turnover

                        7.1.4 Profit and Loss Statement

                        7.1.5 Net worth

                        7.1.6 Debt

                        7.1.7 CAGR

                        7.1.8 New and Existing Contracts

                        7.1.9 Recent Fundings

                        7.1.10 Basic Financial Structure

                        7.1.11 Patents

                        7.1.12 Product and Service Features

                        7.1.13 Recent Technologies

                        7.1.14 Number of Employees

                        7.1.15 Market Presence

                        7.1.16 Client List

                        7.1.17 Sales Forecast

                        7.1.18 Return on Investment

                        7.1.19 Legal Information

                        7.1.20 Company Goodwill

                        7.1.21 Funding Pattern

                        7.1.22 Major Investors

            7.2 Yatra

                        7.2.1 Current Sales Figure

                        7.2.2 Cash Flow Statements

                        7.2.3 Annual Turnover

                        7.2.4 Profit and Loss Statement

                        7.2.5 Net worth

                        7.2.6 Debt

                        7.2.7 CAGR

                        7.2.8 New and Existing Contracts

                        7.2.9 Recent Fundings

                        7.2.10 Basic Financial Structure

                        7.2.11 Patents

                        7.2.12 Product and Service Features

                        7.2.13 Recent Technologies

                        7.2.14 Number of Employees

                        7.2.15 Market Presence

                        7.2.16 Client List

                        7.2.17 Sales Forecast

                        7.2.18 Return on Investment

                        7.2.19 Legal Information

                        7.2.20 Company Goodwill

                        7.2.21 Funding Pattern

                        7.2.22 Major Investors

            7.3 Cleartrip

                        7.3.1 Current Sales Figure

                        7.3.2 Cash Flow Statements

                        7.3.3 Annual Turnover

                        7.3.4 Profit and Loss Statement

                        7.3.5 Net worth

                        7.3.6 Debt

                        7.3.7 CAGR

                        7.3.8 New and Existing Contracts

                        7.3.9 Recent Fundings

                        7.3.10 Basic Financial Structure

                        7.3.11 Patents

                        7.3.12 Product and Service Features

                        7.3.13 Recent Technologies

                        7.3.14 Number of Employees

                        7.3.15 Market Presence

                        7.3.16 Client List

                        7.3.17 Sales Forecast

                        7.3.18 Return on Investment

                        7.3.19 Legal Information

                        7.3.20 Company Goodwill

                        7.3.21 Funding Pattern

                        7.3.22 Major Investors

            7.4 Ezeego1

                        7.4.1 Current Sales Figure

                        7.4.2 Cash Flow Statements

                        7.4.3 Annual Turnover

                        7.4.4 Profit and Loss Statement

                        7.4.5 Net worth

                        7.4.6 Debt

                        7.4.7 CAGR

                        7.4.8 New and Existing Contracts

                        7.4.9 Recent Fundings

                        7.4.10 Basic Financial Structure

                        7.4.11 Patents

                        7.4.12 Product and Service Features

                        7.4.13 Recent Technologies

                        7.4.14 Number of Employees

                        7.4.15 Market Presence

                        7.4.16 Client List

                        7.4.17 Sales Forecast

                        7.4.18 Return on Investment

                        7.4.19 Legal Information

                        7.4.20 Company Goodwill

                        7.4.21 Funding Pattern

                        7.4.22 Major Investors

            7.5 Akbar Travels Of India Pvt. Ltd.

                        7.5.1 Current Sales Figure

                        7.5.2 Cash Flow Statements

                        7.5.3 Annual Turnover

                        7.5.4 Profit and Loss Statement

                        7.5.5 Net worth

                        7.5.6 Debt

                        7.5.7 CAGR

                        7.5.8 New and Existing Contracts

                        7.5.9 Recent Fundings

                        7.5.10 Basic Financial Structure

                        7.5.11 Patents

                        7.5.12 Product and Service Features

                        7.5.13 Recent Technologies

                        7.5.14 Number of Employees

                        7.5.15 Market Presence

                        7.5.16 Client List

                        7.5.17 Sales Forecast

                        7.5.18 Return on Investment

                        7.5.19 Legal Information

                        7.5.20 Legal Information

                        7.5.21 Funding Pattern

                        7.5.22 Major Investors

8. Market Landscape

            8.1 Market Trends

            8.2 Market Forecasts

            8.3 New Product Development and Innovations

            8.4 Mergers and Acquisitions

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