Cocoa Bean Value Chain Analysis(2020 - 2025)

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A typical cocoa bean value chain system involves the operation of five major segments - cocoa bean production, sourcing and marketing, processing of powder and butter, manufacturing and distribution of industrial chocolate, and retailing to the final consumers. The major stakeholders comprise cocoa producers, marketers of cocoa, cocoa processors, chocolate manufacturers, and reatilers. Although the cocoa sector is a very large maket, it still remains highly concentrated at the global level, with only a few players accounting for a major share in the market.  

Concentration in the Global Cocoa Bean Value Chain

In the past few years, the global cocoa market has observed various mergers and acquisitions, as a result of which the three biggest cocoa trading and processing companies – Barry Callebault, Cargill, and ADM – traded roughly 50-60% of the world’s cocoa production. On the other hand, when the processing segment is taken into consideration, the top four companies – Barry Callebault, Cargill, ADM, and Blommer Chocolate Company control about 50% of the world cocoa grindings.

Effect of Policy Reforms on the Farmers Involved in the Global Cocoa Bean Value Chain

Policy reforms have had a mixed impact on the farmers of various countries in the cocoa sector. On the one hand, farmers in countries like Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana accrued less than 50% share of the global cocoa prices, whereas farmers in Cameroon and Ecuador received more than 60% of the global prices after the introduction of the reforms. The difference is mostly due to the type of reforms introduced, for instance, in Ecuador, the accrual for farmers has been high due to an effective marketing system and setting up of minimum reference prices for cocoa beans. This was also supported by the good quality of beans produced in the country. Also, the high taxation on the domestic cocoa sector has led to the farmers receiving a smaller share as compared to before the introduction of reforms. Such policies are likely to have a considerable impact on the cocoa industry in the coming years.

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