China Cane Sugar Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

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After Brazil and India, China is the world's third-largest sugar producing nation. The sugar industry is a significant supporter of the financial improvement in the major cane producing territories, particularly in Guangxi, Yunnan, and Western Guangdong.

With the establishment of new innovations, the sugar trade in China has expanded quickly. The utilization of sugar has also increased and the domestic necessities in the nation are met by both domestic production and imports. Although a small amount of sugar is exported, China is a considerable net importer of sugar.

Brazil and Cuba are the Major Importers to China

China imports the majority of its cane sugar from Brazil and Cuba. In 2016 China imported cane sugar worth USD 704,473 thousand from Brazil compared to USD 943,391 thousand in 2015. Imports from Cuba are also fluctuating, in 2016 China imported cane sugar worth USD 175,693 thousand from Cuba compared to USD 213,643 thousand in 2015. Moreover, the higher costs encouraged by the diminished import supply are seen due to the growing domestic production, with extended sugar beet and sugarcane zone.


Philippines and Magnolia are Expected to be Dominant Exporters to China

In the year 2017, Philippines exported USD 17,782 thousand. Till 2016 the exports from the Philippines to China were almost negligible. In order to diversify its trade, the Philippines are aiming to access more of the Chinese sugar market.

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