Brazil Maize Market - Growth and Trends, Forecast to (2020 - 2025)

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Brazil Maize Market

Brazil is one of the largest agriculture-based economies in the world and leads in the production of maize, coffee, sugar cane, dry beans, soybeans, beef, pork, and poultry. With a population of 200 million, Brazil is the major producer, consumer, and exporter of all the above-mentioned commodities. In the last two decades, Brazil has increased its agricultural land and farm productivity very rapidly and is now considered one of the largest exporters of agricultural commodities like corn, soybean, oilseeds and animal meat products.

Market Dynamics

Brazil has increased its maize-cultivated area from 15.8 million hectares to 16 million hectares. However, the total productivity per hectare decreased by 2.8% due to the prolonged dryness of the land in all the eastern states of Brazil. This has had a strong negative impact on the maize crop in Brazil.

The total maize production in Brazil was 85 million metric tons in 2014-15 and is expected to decline to 82 million metric tons in 2015-16 due to the El Nino effect and dry weather conditions in some parts of Brazil.

In 2014-15, Brazil’s maize export trade was 32.5 million metric tons, however, the volume is expected to decline by 18% to 26.5 million metric tons. The reduction in the overall maize export is the result of low production, which is attributed to the unfavorable weather conditions. The Brazilian economy is heavily dependent on agricultural exports, so the government has removed export duty on the agricultural produce. This will have a positive impact on the country’s maize exports, despite the low production. The Brazilian currency has become weaker in recent times by 30% compared to the United States, and this is the reason the country is expected to increase maize exports to keep up the growth in 2015-16.

Maize is the dominant coarse grain in Brazil. Most of the Brazilian maize is used as animal feed due to the high demand for meat products in the country. Other important maize consuming areas are biofuel, food processing, sweeteners, sugar syrup, industrial starch and seeds for crop production. The total consumption of maize in Brazil was around 57 million metric tons in 2014-15 and is expected to grow to 58 million metric tons in 2015-16.

The Brazil maize crop market report covers the following information –

  • Crop production
  • Brazil consumption
  • Brazil trade (export-import) scenario and statistics
  • Price trend and seasonality of the crop
  • Future outlook of the crop market

Stakeholders who would benefit -

  • Crop growers
  • Enterprises providing agricultural inputs
  • Crop processing companies
  • Crop importers and exporters
  • Investors/research institutions interested in the crop market

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