Brazil Airbag Systems Market - Growth, Trends & Forecast (2020 - 2025)

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In 2016, the Brazilian market for automotive airbag systems accounted for about USD 1.29 billion, an increase of over 30% since pre-2014.

According to the Brazilian Health Ministry’s data on deaths compared to the size of country's car fleet, unsafe cars, along with dangerous driving habits, have resulted in a four times increase in the death rate than that of the United States.

As per the current car safety standards, the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) rates Brazil-5, India-3, and China-7 on a scale of one to ten. This rating is given on the basis of factors like the level of reach of different technologies in the market, the state of legislation, and consumer awareness levels. The Brazilian government has planned to launch a USD 50 million independent crash test center by 2017.

In 2013, the Brazilian government introduced new regulations, which mandated airbags and ABS in vehicles that were to be produced later. Also, in 2013, the global NCAP conducted a crash test for different vehicle models in the country. More than 90% vehicles failed the crash test, with one or two-star rating. Moreover, the most selling cars in Brazil,  like Volkswagen Gol, Cherry QQ, etc., also failed the test, which raised awareness among the public and the manufacturers.

In 2016, about 1,778,464 passenger cars were produced in the country, a decrease of nearly 11.9% when compared to 2015, which accounted for around 2,018,954 vehicles. This decrease is attributed to the price increase, associated with the ten most selling vehicles, who accounted for 90% of the demand, in the country. Addition of new technologies, like ABS, ESP, etc., and the mandatory installation of airbags have increased the cost, associated with vehicles, by more than USD 1,500.

The country has three manufacturing plants, dedicated to airbag production, by major companies, like Takata, Autoliv, and ZF TRW. Most of these plants are located in the southern region of the country. These plants as a whole manufacture over 80% of the total airbags produced in the country.

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