Hospitality Real Estate Sector in BENELUX - Trends, Industry Competitiveness & Forecasts to 2022

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The hospitality real estate remains a property market with the highest potential, into 2017, according to industry experts. This industry continues to be an integral part, with a vigorous role in the global economy. Currently, key themes shaping the sector include globalization, technology, innovation, and consolidation. Large-scale mergers & acquisitions, cross-border investments, and technology, such as data analytics, have changed the global landscape for the hospitality real estate.

While developers and investors remain active, globally, market participants have adopted a more cautious outlook this year in comparison to the previous year. The growth witnessed in most global markets has begun to decelerate amidst new supply and high asset pricing. Additionally, the less certain view within the global economy has impelled market participants to re-examine their business strategies in the year ahead. However, despite geo-political issues, terrorism, and economic uncertainty, the tourism industry has shown strength and travel remains high. The movement of international travelers is expected to grow 4%, annually, over the next ten years, resulting in an increase in the demand for hotels and accommodation. 


Positive trends in employment, and the subsequent boost it provides to consumer confidence, remain vigorous forces supporting hotel performance. 


In our report on the hospitality industry in BENELUX, the sector has been segmented into three categories - hotels & accommodation, spas & resorts, and other themed properties, based on the property type.

Key performance metrics that have been studied for the discussion, regarding operating performance, are:

  • Total supply - historical and forecast
  • Occupancy rates
  • Average daily rate (ADR), Revenue per available room (RevPAR), and others

For key deliverables, refer to the Table of Contents. 

1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX- Industry Outlook

                3.1 Economic Activity, Performance and Forecasts

                3.2 Consumer Confidence

                3.3 Employment Rate

                3.4 Demographics and Affluence Metrics

                3.5 Tourism Sector Performance

4. Regulatory Environment,Hospitality RE Laws,Key Policy Initiatives and EHS Trends for the Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX

5. Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX- Market Dynamics

                5.1 Drivers

                5.2 Restraints

                5.3 Opportunities

                5.4 Challenges

                5.5 Technological Innovations

                5.6 Porter's Five Force Analysis

                5.7 Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX- Industry Value Chain Analysis

6. Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX- Market Analysis By Property Type

                6.1 Hotels and Accommodation

                                6.1.1 Total Supply:Historical and Forecast

                                6.1.2 Supply Distribution by Property Rating/Accreditation Type

                                6.1.3 Occupancy Rate and Vacancy Rate

                                6.1.4 Market Trends (ADR, RevPAR, Others)

                                6.1.5 New Units/Project Launches

                                6.1.6 Segmentation by Company Owned, Franchised and JV Business Models

                                6.1.7 End Use Analysis(Corporate, Individuals, Service Apartment Trends and Share)

                6.2 Spas and Resorts

                                6.2.1 Total Supply:Historical and Forecast

                                6.2.2 Supply Distribution by Property Rating/Accreditation Type

                                6.2.3 Health and Wellness Trends and Market Share

                                6.2.4 Occupancy Rate and Vacancy Rate

                                6.2.5 Market Trends (ADR, RevPAR, Others)

                                6.2.6 New Units/Project Launches

                                6.2.7 Segmentation by Company Owned, Franchised and JV Business Models

                                6.2.8 End Use Analysis( Corporate and Non-Corporate Usage Trends and Share)

                6.3 Other Themed Properties

                                6.3.1 Supply,Occupancy and Unit Metric Trends by Type

                                       Casino Hotels

                                       Golf Retreats

                                       Gaming Lodges

                                       Entertainment Sector (Amusement Parks, Studios, etc.)


                                6.3.2 New Units/Project Launches

                                6.3.3 Segmentation by Company Owned, Franchised and JV Business Models

7. Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX- Investment Analysis

                7.1 Direct Investment

                7.2 Indirect Investment (HREITs,Others)

                7.3 Hospitality Property Life Cycle Investment Analysis

8. Competitive Landscape of the Hospitality RE Market in BENELUX

                8.1 Market Share Analysis

                8.2 Key Player Profiles

                                8.2.1 Player Portfolio (Brands; Completed, Ongoing & Future Projects; Number of Rooms and other Unit Metrics based on property type)

                                8.2.2 Presence in other real estate sectors

                                8.2.3 Technological Adaption

                                8.2.4 Services offered

                8.3 Urban Commercial Property Prices and Recent Hospitality RE Transactions

                8.4 Fundraising, M&A, JV  Trends

9. Additional Features

                9.1 Internet and Web Service Companies in the Hospitality Sector Landscape

                9.2 Service Providers to the Hospitality Real Estate Industry-property management, software services, etc

                9.3 Competitve Analysis : Loyalty Management and Subscription/Memberships Model in Hospitality Sector

10. Sources

11. Disclaimer


Hospitality    REHospitality Real Estate             

EHS               Environmental, Health and Safety

ADR               Average Daily Rate                         

RevPAR        Revenue Per Available Room    

JVJoint         Venture                              

M&A             Mergers and Acquisitions

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