Gulf of Mexico (GoM) Well Intervention Market Analysis
Gulf of Mexico Well Intervention Market Outlook to 2020 - Market Analysis by Services, Application, Competitive Landscape, Key Company Information - Growth Trends and Forecasts


DEC 2017

Gulf of Mexico Well Intervention Market Outlook to 2020 - Market Analysis by Services, Application, Competitive Landscape, Key Company Information - Growth Trends and Forecasts

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Gulf of Mexico well intervention market is expected to reach $0.74 billion by 2017, up from $0.47 billion in 2013. Gulf of Mexico federal offshore oil production accounts for 23 percent of total U.S. crude oil production and federal offshore natural gas production in the Gulf accounts for 7 percent of total U.S dry production. Over 40 percent of total U.S petroleum refining capacity is located along the Gulf coast, as well as 30 percent of total U.S natural gas processing plant capacity.

High flow rate wells have driven the economics of projects and acted as a strong incentive to explore and develop deepwater leases. The use of sub-sea has also contributed to the economics of deep water projects. At the end of 2013, there are around 1474 natural gas producing wells, with most of them in deep water and they accounted for major share of the total production.  

The Gulf has also seen a number of major technical and engineering achievements. These technological advances combined with government incentives led to a tremendous surge in leasing. Its future looks bright, as many new geologic trends are only now seeing the first exploratory drilling. Truly, the Gulf of Mexico will drive the new decade in terms of well intervention services.    

The report provides comprehensive analysis of potential offshore reserves and production data, followed by a thorough evaluation of the well intervention market segment by region, major countries and key company information.    

The report also provides a section on the competitive landscape, detailing recent deal analysis and key company information with their financials, business description and analyst view.  

1 Introduction

1.1 Key Points Noted

1.2 Research Methodology

  2 Report Guidance & Description

  3 Overview and Well Intervention Scenario

  4 Market Overview

4.1 Introduction to Well Intervention

4.2 Types

4.2.1 Pumping

4.2.2 Well Head Maintenance

4.2.3 Slickline

4.2.4 Braided line

4.2.5 Coiled tubing

4.2.6 Snubbing/Hydraulic Work Over

4.2.7 Subsea well Intervention

4.3 Oil Markets

4.3.1 Short term oil price dynamics

4.3.2 Long term oil price dynamics

4.4 Gas Markets

4.4.1 Short term gas price dynamics

4.4.2 Long term gas price dynamics

  5 Offshore Production & Reserves

5.1 Undeveloped Resources

  6 Onshore Production & Reserves

6.1 Undeveloped Resources

  7 Drivers & Constraints

7.1 Drivers

7.1.1 Increasing Energy Demand

7.1.2 Rapidly Decreasing Reserves

7.2 Constraints

7.2.1 Possible Risk of Water Contamination

7.2.2 Need to Reduce Costs Involved in the Industry

7.3 Opportunities

7.3.1 RLWI Vessel Market

  8 Cases of Loss of Well Integrity

8.1 Surface casing failure and drop of well head

8.2 Production casing hanger failure

8.3 Loss of well bore

8.4 Gas leaks in tubing strings

8.5 Production casing failure

8.6 Well Failure

  9 Gulf of Mexico Well Intervention Demand

9.1 Well Count

9.2 Proved Reserved

9.3 Well Intervention Demand Forecasts

  10 Company Profiles

10.1 Petrobas

10.2 Statoil

10.3 Total

10.4 BP

10.5 Shell

10.6 ExxonMobil

10.7 Harkand

10.8 Schlumberger

10.9 Haliburton Co

10.10 Aker Solutions Asa

10.11 Baker Hughes Inc.

10.12 Helix Energy Solutions Group Co

10.13 Weatherford International Ltd

10.14 Welltec International Aps

10.15 Cudd Energy Services

10.16 FMC Technologies Inc.

10.17 Archer – The Well Company

  11 Well Intervention Supply

11.1 Introduction

11.2 Global Potential Intervention Vessel Supply

11.3 Segmented well intervention supply

11.4 Key vessel operators

11.4.1 Well Ops

11.4.2 Island Offshore/Maracc ASA

11.4.3 Aker Oil Field Services

11.4.4 Eide Marine Services A/S

11.4.5 Norshore

11.4.6 Fugro-TS Marine

11.4.7 Cal-Dive International

11.4.8 Hallin Marine

11.4.9 Oceaneering

11.4.10 Farstad

11.5 Fleet Age Profile and Potential Attrition

11.6 Potential Intervention Supply

  12 Intervention Vessel Work Scopes

12.1 Light Well Intervention

12.2 Medium Well Intervention

12.3 Heavy Well Intervention

  13 Financial Deals Landscape

13.1 Detailed Deal Summary

13.1.1 Acquisition

13.1.2 Private Equity

13.1.3 Equity Offerings

13.1.4 Debt Offerings

13.1.5 Partnerships

13.1.6 Asset Transactions

  14 Recent Developments

14.1 Strategy and Business Expansion

14.2 Other Significant Developments

14.3 New Contracts Announcements

  15 Appendix

15.1 Sources

15.2 Abbreviations

15.3 Market Definition

15.3.1 Methodology

15.3.2 Coverage

15.3.3 Secondary Research

15.3.4 Primary Research

15.3.5 Expert Panel Validation

15.4 Contact Us

15.5 Disclaimer


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