August 2016

Global Advanced Airport Technologies Market - Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2015 - 2020)

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The Global Market for Advanced Airport Technologies is around 9.3 Billion dollars now; it is expected to reach 12.63 billion dollars by 2020 at a CAGR of 5.23 percent. Airport security has been a major concern for decades due to the vulnerability of commercial aircraft to hijacking. Although hijackings have been reported since the 1930s, the emphasis on safety has increased drastically since 2001 which has jolted the world into imposing stricter regulations.

The increasing privatization of airports around the world are opening up avenues for investment in advanced radar systems, land mobile radio, common use networks, display technologies, control softwares, check-in systems for passengers and self service kiosks as they now have the financial means and the incentives to invest in modernizing their facilities and infrastructure.

The major growth drivers for this market are security issues, rising mass capacity in airports and increasing number of airlines. The report covers the following technologies and equipment:

Air/ground traffic management and control systems

Airport communications

Digital information display solutions

Airport management software

Security, fire protection, and emergency services

Passenger and baggage handling and control

Parking systems.

The report explores the market in various Geographies across the world including North America, Europe, Latin America and APAC analysing the major growth regions, trends and market restraints. A comprehensive analysis and projections for the next five years are included along with the key players in the market.

The major players are:

Acs Transport Solutions, Inc.

Actividentity Corp.

Airport Information Systems, Ltd.

Alstef Automation S.A.

American Lafrance , Llc

American Science And Engineering, Inc.

Analogic Corp.

Arinc, Inc.

Atg Airports, Ltd.


Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

Carmanah Technologies Corp.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Dialight Corp.

Electronic Sensor Technology

Federal Apd, Inc.

Garrett Metal Detectors, Inc.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Honeywell Airport Systems Gmbh


Inkode Corp.

Kuka Roboter Gmbh

L-3 Communications Security And Detection Systems

Magal Security Systems, Ltd.

Markland Technologies, Inc.

Millivision Technologies

Morpho S.A.

Oshkosh Truck Corp.

Passur Aerospace

Pensher Skytech

Pesmel Oy

Qinetiq, Ltd.

Rapiscan Systems

Raytheon Corp.

Rockwell Automation

Safegate International Ab

Sago Systems, Inc.

Saic, Inc.

Siemens Airports

Smiths Detection International

Syagen Technology, Inc.

Thales Atm S.A.

Thorn Airfield Lighting

Tyco Fire And Security

Tydenbrooks Co.

Type 22

Vanderlande Industries

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