Aircraft Landing Solutions Market - Market Trends and Forecasts (2019 - 2024)


DEC 2017

Aircraft Landing Solutions Market - Market Trends and Forecasts (2019 - 2024)

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Aircraft Landing Solutions Market

Flying is considered safer than almost all other kinds of travel modes, though the effect of a flight crash is much more destructive than any other accident both in terms of human life and financial losses.

Landing accidents account for more than a third of all general aviation accidents. As per Boeings report, till now there have been more than seven hundred landing accidents which is one of the highest among crashes in different flight phases. Each year, runway accidents cost global aviation sector about one billion dollars. The primary reason behind landing accidents is due to the wrong judgment of pilot while considering various landing parameters such as speed of the aircraft, height and runway mapping and other factors.

Runway excursion is one the most common type of landing accidents wherein the plane makes inappropriate exit from the runway, and it happens mainly because of judgment error, poor visibility and even, technical faults or failure in the aircraft.

The Government and Airline industry are willing to invest in resources that are required to achieve the high level of aviation safety. Aircraft landing solutions are the prime solutions for ensuring flight landing safety, which provide flight crew with various precise parameters to enable safe landing. These solutions provide timely aural and visual warnings that increase situational awareness, and thereby, reducing the risk of runway excursions.

Landing solutions basically work with in-flight data, GPS and runway database to provide the precise speed, inclination and height for efficient and safe landing. Runways are embedded with smart lighting systems designed to provide direct indication to pilots and vehicle operators that it is unsafe to enter a runway, begin a takeoff or land, these solution enables pilot to take off and land efficiently even in adverse climatic conditions.

Increase in individual purchasing power & low airfares have made air travel affordable for masses and have highlighted the need for increase in global air safety regulations. On-time flights are becoming a necessity to maintain the customer loyalty which is affected due to delays regarding bad weather conditions. This indicates a bright future demand for a smart aircraft landing solution. The market for Aircraft Landing Solutions is projected to witness compound annual growth rate of more than 5% for the forecast period.


The factors driving the demand for aircraft landing solutions market are increased runway accidents, increased flight safety parameters, global flight safety concerns, different runway architectures, and unfavorable climatic conditions.


The key challenges with the aircraft landing solutions market are high initial investment and training pilot.


 Aircraft Landing Solutions Market Overview with information on drivers and restraints  In-depth Aircraft Landing Solutions Market Analysis and its applications in the industry

 Identification of factors responsible for changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on global and regional scale

 Extensively researched competitive landscape with profiles of major companies along with their market shares

 A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information

1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview

            3.1 Market Segmentation

            3.2 Overview

            3.3 Industry Value Chain Analysis

            3.4 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's 5 Force Analysis

            3.5 Industry Policies

4. Market Dynamics

            4.1 Introduction

                        4.1.1 Drivers

                           Increased Runway Accidents

                           Increased Flight Safety Parameters

                           Global Flight Safety Concerns

                           Different Runway Architectures

                           Unfavorable Climatic Conditions

                        4.1.2 Restraints

                           High Initial Investment

                           Training Pilots

5. Technology Overview

            5.1 Single Takeoff & Landing Guiding Systems

            5.2 Complete Air Traffic Solution Kit

6. Aircraft Landing Solutions by Industry

7. Passenger AirLines Industry

            7.1 Overview

            7.2 Market Size and Analysis

8. Defense

            8.1 Overview

            8.2 Market Size and Analysis

9. Government

            9.1 Overview

            9.2 Market Size and Analysis

10. Cargo Industry

            10.1 Overview

            10.2 Market Size and Analysis

11. Private Aircraft Owners

            11.1 Overview

            11.2 Market Size and Analysis

12. Aircraft Landing Solutions by Geography

13. North America

            13.1 Overview

            13.2 Market Size and Analysis

14. Europe

            14.1 Overview

            14.2 Market Size and Analysis

15. Asia-Pacific

            15.1 Overview

            15.2 Market Size and Analysis

16. South America

            16.1 Overview

            16.2 Market Size and Analysis

17. Africa & Middle East

            17.1 Overview

            17.2 Market Size and Analysis

18. Aircraft Landing Solutions by Flight Scale

19. Domestic

            19.1 Overview

            19.2 Market Size and Analysis

20. International

            20.1 Overview

            20.2 Market Size and Analysis

21. Aircraft Landing Solutions by Types of Aircraft

22. Jet Aircraft

            22.1 Overview

            22.2 Market Size and Analysis

23. Turbo Propeller Aircraft

            23.1 Single Engine

                        23.1.1 Overview

                        23.1.2 Market Size and Analysis

            23.2 Double Engine

                        23.2.1 Overview

                        23.2.2 Market Size and Analysis

24. Vendor

25. Honeywell

            25.1 Overview

            25.2 Major Products and Services

            25.3 Financials

            25.4 Recent Developments

26. Raytheon

            26.1 Overview

            26.2 Major Products and Services

            26.3 Financials

            26.4 Recent Developments

27. ATG Airports

            27.1 Overview

            27.2 Major Products and Services

            27.3 Financials

            27.4 Recent Developments

28. Future of Aircraft Landing Solutions

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