Analysis of key sectors of Kuwait: Agriculture, Dairy, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables, Water, Manufacturing and Construction along with production and consumption data (2020 - 2025)

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Kuwait vision for 2035 that articulates the Amir's aspirations and is endorsed by the current development Plan is: "to transform Kuwait into a world class financial and commercial centre, with the private sector leading economic activities, fostering competitiveness, increasing productivity, supported by viable public institutions, while maintaining the deep rooted values and national identity, towards achieving balanced economic and human development, supported by adequate infrastructure , legal framework, and enabling business environment.  

 Kuwait has always enjoyed an open economy with a thriving merchant class and extensive trade relations even before the oil discovery era. Kuwait continues to practice a relatively liberal trade with open markets for foreign trade and flexible policies. It has no quantitative restrictions on its imports, but prohibits a few products for religious, health, and security reasons.

 There are no restrictions on capital transfers as Kuwait enjoys a free convertibility and total transferability in its exchange market.


1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

                2.1 Areas covered (Sectors and countries)

                2.2 Research methodology

3. Kuwait Agriculture

                3.1 Summary

                3.2 Wheat

                                3.2.1 Key Findings

                                3.2.2 Consumption pattern

                                3.2.3 Exports

                                3.2.4 Imports

                                3.2.5 Prices

                3.3 Barley

                                3.3.1 Key Findings

                                3.3.2 Consumption pattern

                                3.3.3 Exports

                                3.3.4 Imports

                                3.3.5 Prices (ten years)

                3.4 Maize

                                3.4.1 Key Findings

                                3.4.2 Consumption pattern

                                3.4.3 Exports

                                3.4.4 Imports

                                3.4.5 Prices (ten years)

                3.5 Millet

                                3.5.1 Key Findings

                                3.5.2 Consumption pattern

                                3.5.3 Exports

                                3.5.4 Imports

                                3.5.5 Prices (ten years)

                3.6 Sorghum

                                3.6.1 Key Findings

                                3.6.2 Consumption pattern

                                3.6.3 Exports

                                3.6.4 Imports

                                3.6.5 Prices (ten years)

4. Technology in use

5. Competitive Landscape

                5.1 Existing Companies

                5.2 Upcoming Companies

6. List of Figures

7. List of Tables

8. Abbreviations

9.  Works Cited


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