5 UPVC Doors and Windows Reports

UPVC Doors and Windows Industry

Study Period: 2020 - 2029

Regions Covered: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America

Major Players: VEKA, Rehau, Koemmerling, Aluplast, Dimex

UPVC Doors & Windows Market in ASEAN

Study Period: 2020 - 2029

Countries Covered: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Major Players: INTI PERKASA INDONESIA, SOLID | UPVC Doors & Windows System, PHILCONCH, Gattner.vn, Fenestram Corp.

India UPVC Doors Market

Study Period: 2020 - 2029

Country Covered: India

Major Players: Encraft, Dimex, Koemmerling, Lesso, Lingel India

China UPVC Doors & Windows Market

Study Period: 2020-2029

Country Covered: China

Major Players: Fonirte, Lesso china, Zhejiang Yuanwang Windows and Doors Co., Ltd. , Ropo, VEKA Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

North America UPVC Windows Market

Study Period: 2020 - 2029

Countries Covered: United States, Canada, Mexico

Major Players: JELD-WEN, Anderson Windows and Doors, Pella Windows and Doors, Crystal uPVC, Rehau Group

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