United States Cashew Market - Growth, Trends, Industry Analysis, Forecast to 2027-2022

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The United States is one of the important markets for cashew trade both regionally and globally.  The country is dependent on Africa, Brazil and India for its cashew demand. The United States continues to be the largest buyer of Indian and Vietnamese cashews. Brazil is another major exporter that supplies to the United States. It is also one of the largest importing countries in terms of value, along with Vietnam and India. These countries together account for 85% of the import market share, signifying the concentrated nature of the import trends. The largest suppliers of shelled cashews to the United States market are Vietnam (50%), India (27%), Brazil (7%), Côte d’Ivoire (2%), Mozambique (2%), and all other importers (5%).

The United States primarily imports processed cashew kernels and was the single largest importer in this market in 2013, accounting for 27% of the world’s shelled cashew imports. The country’s average imports have grown over the last five years. The United States experienced a 13% increase in shelled cashew import volume and a 56% increase in value between 2009 and 2013.

The United States cashew crop market report covers the following information –

  • Crop production
  • Africa consumption
  • Africa trade (export-import) scenario and statistics
  • Price trend and seasonality of the crop
  • Future outlook of the crop market

Stakeholders who would benefit -

  • Crop growers
  • Enterprises providing agricultural inputs
  • Crop processing companies
  • Crop importers and exporters
  • Investors/research institutions interested in the crop market

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