Sterile Filtration Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027)

The Sterile Filtration market is segmented By Product, End User (Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Companies, Contract Research Organization, Research Laboratories) and Geography.

Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot
Study Period: 2018 - 2026
Base Year: 2021
Fastest Growing Market: Asia Pacific
Largest Market: North America
CAGR: 8 %

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Market Overview

The Sterile Filtration market is expected to register a CAGR of 8% over the forecast period, owing to the growing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and increasing investments into research and development activities. According to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, the overall sales of pharmaceutical industry worldwide was recorded to be approximately 852,647 million USD. Furthermore, emission of high concentration of high antibiotics on the manufacturing sites that might develop the new forms of pathogens. Hence, filtration is an immense part involved in manufacturing of drugs. The drugs need to be protected against introduction of unwanted bacterias, virus and other micro-organisms and ensure patient safety.

Scope of the Report

Sterile Filtration is a technique used in manufacturing of drugs to avoid any kind of contamination by filtering the micro-organisms while not degrading the product quality. Sterile Filtration Market is segmented By Product, By End User and Geography.

By Product
Cartridge Filter
Capsule Filter
Syringe Filter
Other Membrane Filters
By End User
Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Companies
Contract Research Organization
Research Laboratories
North America
United States
United Kingdom
Rest of Europe
South Korea
Rest of Asia-Pacific
Middle-East & Africa
South Africa
Rest of Middle-East & Africa
South America
Rest of South America

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Key Market Trends

Membrane Segment is Expected to Exhibit a Significant Market Growth in the Sterile Filtration Market

Membrane is a type of filter that have a uniform sized pores that traps the micro-organisms. The adoption of biologics, cell-culture based vaccines, etc. is growing, which is expected to grow the demand for filtration. For developing these biologics, cell filtration is a crucial part as the culture needs to be protected against introduction of unwanted bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms. Hence, a proper membrane filter is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the clarification process involves centrifugation, microfiltration and harvesting of the culture. Cell separation and removal of cell debris are the primary goals of this procedure, for which membranes are required. Thus, it is expected to impact positively on the sterile filtration market.

Sterile Filtration Market Trend.png

North America is Expected to Hold a Significant Share in the Market and Expected to do Same in the Forecast Period

North America is expected to be a dominant region in the Sterile Filtration market, owing to the increasing number of API manufacturing facilities and increasing investment by companies into R&D activities. As per the data of US FDA (Food & Drug Administration), in 2019, approximately 510 API facilities were present in the United States. Furthermore, according to the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, in 2018, around 79.6 billion USD was invested by biopharmaceutical companies in R&D activities. Hence, the aforementioned factors are expected to boost the demand for sterile filtration.

Sterile Filtration Market - Growth Rate by Region

Competitive Landscape

The well-known companies in Sterile Filtration market are Danaher Corporation, Merck KGaA, ThermoFisher Scientific Inc., Sartorius AG, GE Healthcare, 3M, Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC, Sterlitech Corporation, Eaton Corporation and Porvair Filtration Group.

Table of Contents


    1. 1.1 Study Assumptions

    2. 1.2 Scope of the Study




    1. 4.1 Market Overview

    2. 4.2 Market Drivers

      1. 4.2.1 Growing Burden of Chronic Diseases

      2. 4.2.2 Rising Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Industry

    3. 4.3 Market Restraints

      1. 4.3.1 High Cost of Sterile Filtration

    4. 4.4 Porter's Five Force Analysis

      1. 4.4.1 Threat of New Entrants

      2. 4.4.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers

      3. 4.4.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

      4. 4.4.4 Threat of Substitute Products

      5. 4.4.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry


    1. 5.1 By Product

      1. 5.1.1 Cartridge Filter

      2. 5.1.2 Capsule Filter

      3. 5.1.3 Syringe Filter

      4. 5.1.4 Other Membrane Filters

      5. 5.1.5 Accessories

    2. 5.2 By End User

      1. 5.2.1 Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Companies

      2. 5.2.2 Contract Research Organization

      3. 5.2.3 Research Laboratories

    3. 5.3 Geography

      1. 5.3.1 North America

        1. United States

        2. Canada

        3. Mexico

      2. 5.3.2 Europe

        1. Germany

        2. United Kingdom

        3. France

        4. Italy

        5. Spain

        6. Rest of Europe

      3. 5.3.3 Asia-Pacific

        1. China

        2. Japan

        3. India

        4. Australia

        5. South Korea

        6. Rest of Asia-Pacific

      4. 5.3.4 Middle-East & Africa

        1. GCC

        2. South Africa

        3. Rest of Middle-East & Africa

      5. 5.3.5 South America

        1. Brazil

        2. Argentina

        3. Rest of South America


    1. 6.1 Company Profiles

      1. 6.1.1 3M

      2. 6.1.2 Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC

      3. 6.1.3 Danaher Corporation

      4. 6.1.4 Eaton Corporation

      5. 6.1.5 GE Healthcare

      6. 6.1.6 Merck KGaA

      7. 6.1.7 Sartorius AG

      8. 6.1.8 Porvair Filtration Group

      9. 6.1.9 Sterlitech Corporation

      10. 6.1.10 ThermoFisher Scientific Inc.

    2. *List Not Exhaustive

**Competitive Landscape covers- Business Overview, Financials, Products and Strategies and Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sterile Filtration market is studied from 2018 - 2026.

The Sterile Filtration is growing at a CAGR of 8% over the next 5 years.

Asia Pacific is growing at the highest CAGR over 2021- 2026.

North America holds highest share in 2021.

Merck KGaA, Danaher Corporation, ThermoFisher Scientific Inc., Sartorius AG, GE Healthcare are the major companies operating in Sterile Filtration.

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