Zimbabwe Fruits and Vegetables Market | Share | Forecast (2017-2022)
Fruits and Vegetables industry in Zimbabwe : Analysis of consumption and production trends of Fruits and Vegetables (2017 - 2022)


DEC 2017

Fruits and Vegetables industry in Zimbabwe : Analysis of consumption and production trends of Fruits and Vegetables (2017 - 2022)

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Zimbabwe in February 2015, banned all imports of fruits and vegetables, which will effect neighbouring South Africa Exports. Ban will mostly impact supplies of tomato, mango, grapes, potato and apples which is mostly imported from South Africa. Local production is slumped by 60% from 2000, following seizures of white-owned farms by current controversial government.

Fruits and vegetables in Zimbabwe are classified under the horticulture sector, which encompasses cut flowers, fruit & vegetables (both processed and fresh). This sector has been the fastest growing industry with an average growth of 32% over the last ten years. It is largely represented by the Horticultural Promotion Council (HPC).

The industry includes such players as the input suppliers, farmers (large & small scale commercial farmers), fresh fruit & vegetable wholesalers, exporters and processors. The main producers of fresh fruit and vegetables for export are commercial farmers (large scale and small scale). The communal farmers grow mainly for the local market, although recently there has been a shift towards exports, mainly to the region. These farmers also participate in export trade by supplying the larger companies with their produce on an out grower basis.

The fruit and vegetable industry is conceivably the best example of a ‘buyers’ market’. Productivity and efficiency gains are essential to remain competitive, then eventually it is market conditions that regulate the underlying profitability of business in Zimbabwe fruit and veg industry. Market judgment is vital, and producers, distributors and retailers must each adopt a strategy according to their top-down assessment of the market. By keeping this in mind, a comprehensive understanding of economic conditions and sub-market drivers is essential.

Our research provides clients with an informed and insightful roadmap of how the industry is likely to evolve in the coming years, providing trend identification and valuable data points to assist in strategic planning.


Key factors in the growth of Fruits & Vegetables Market in Zimbabwe are technological advancements, swelling population levels, strong economic growth, good availability of fruits and vegetable products, and expanding local production.


Limited arable land, inefficient logistics, and poor post-harvest management are the biggest challenges for the Fruits and Vegetables Industry. Low quality manures and pesticides and unpredictable weather conditions are effecting fruits and vegetables market in Zimbabwe.

What the report offers

The study identifies the situation of Zimbabwe and predicts the growth of its Fruits and Beverages market. Report talks about Fruits and Beverages production, consumption, import and export with prices and market trends, Government regulations, growth forecast, major companies, upcoming companies & projects, etc. Report will talk about Economic conditions of and future forecast of its current economic scenario and effect of its current policy changes into its economy, reasons and implications on its growth. Lastly, the report is divided by major import & export and importing and exporting partners.

1. Introduction

                1.1 Market Definition

                1.2 Key Findings of the Study

2. Research Scope and Methodology

                2.1 Study Deliverables

                2.2 Market Segmentation

                2.3 Study Assumptions

                2.4 Research Design

3. Market Dynamics

                3.1 Drivers

                3.2 Restraints

4. Industry Analysis

                4.1 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

                                4.1.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

                                4.1.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers

                                4.1.3 Threat of New Entrants

                                4.1.4 Threat of Substitute Products

                                4.1.5 Degree of Competition

5. Market Segmentation

                5.1 Vegetables

                                5.1.1 Market Size (USD Million)

                                5.1.2 Domestic Production Overview

                                5.1.3 Domestic Consumption Overview

                                5.1.4 Import Value & Volume

                                5.1.5 Export Value & Volume

                5.2 Fruits

                                5.2.1 Market Size (USD Million)

                                5.2.2 Domestic Production Overview

                                5.2.3 Domestic Consumption Overview

                                5.2.4 Import Value & Volume

                                5.2.5 Export Value & Volume

6. Prices & Trade

                6.1 Onion

                                6.1.1 Prices

                                6.1.2 International Trade

                6.2 Potato

                                6.2.1 Prices

                                6.2.2 International Trade

                6.3 Tomato

                                6.3.1 Prices

                                6.3.2 International Trade

                6.4 Garlic

                                6.4.1 Prices

                                6.4.2 International Trade

                6.5 Cauliflower

                                6.5.1 Prices

                                6.5.2 International Trade

                6.6 Beans

                                6.6.1 Prices

                                6.6.2 International Trade

                6.7 Eggplant

                                6.7.1 Prices

                                6.7.2 International Trade

                6.8 Lemons

                                6.8.1 Prices

                                6.8.2 International Trade

                6.9 Apples

                                6.9.1 Prices

                                6.9.2 International Trade

                6.10 Bananas

                                6.10.1 Prices

                                6.10.2 International Trade

                6.11 Grapefruit

                                6.11.1 Prices

                                6.11.2 International Trade

                6.12 Grapes

                                6.12.1 Prices

                                6.12.2 International Trade

                6.13 Strawberry

                                6.13.1 Prices

                                6.13.2 International Trade

                6.14 Watermelon

                                6.14.1 Prices

                                6.14.2 International Trade

                6.15 Dates

                                6.15.1 Prices

                                6.15.2 International Trade

                6.16 Olives

                                6.16.1 Prices

                                6.16.2 International Trade

7. Regional Analysis

                7.1 PESTLE Analysis

                7.2 Supply Chain Analysis

                7.3 Government Policies

8. Competitive Analysis

                8.1 Distribution Network & Retail Analysis

                8.2 List/Profile of Key Players

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