Qatar Fruits and Vegetables Market | Price | Overview (2018-2023)
Fruits and Vegetables industry in Qatar: Analysis of consumption and production trends of Fruits and Vegetables (2017 - 2022)


DEC 2017

Fruits and Vegetables industry in Qatar: Analysis of consumption and production trends of Fruits and Vegetables (2017 - 2022)

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The GCC countries have minimal agriculture output and have to import most of their food requirements to suffice the domestic demand and same has been the case in Qatar for a long time. To be self-sufficient regarding fruits and vegetables, Qatar has embarked on a food self-sufficiency mission, which emphasises on increasing the domestic production. The fruit market in Qatar reached XXX thousand metric tons in 2017 and is expected to reach XXX thousand metric tons by 2022. The Qatar vegetable market reached XXX thousand metric tons in 2017 and expected to reach XXX thousand metric tons by 2022. For consumers of the GCC countries, the largest part of their expenditure is on food products, currently. The consumers in Qatar spent about USD 11 billion on food in 2014.

New Developments

  • Qatar has decided to maintain low levels of production, continue its focus on importing food through well-formed channels and to purchase land in Africa and Asia for the cultivation of agricultural produce and cereals.
  • Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) began work on the Water Security Mega Reservoirs Project in 2012. The mega reservoirs will allow Doha to store 7 days’ worth of potable water, based on the expected consumption rate by 2036. Since Qatar faces a water scarcity, this initiative solves the problem; thereby, adding to the increasing overall domestic production of fruits and vegetables.

Market Dynamics


The growing population of the region, along with the shift to other high-value products due to the rising disposable incomes, has provided the necessary inputs for the growth of fruits & vegetables market in Qatar. With more than 90% of the country’s population concentrated in Doha, this makes the supply chain access easier for fruits and vegetables. The population has risen from 1.7 million in 2010 to 2.2 million in 2015; mainly due to an increase in the number of expats in the nation. Apart from the rising population, increasing health consciousness among the consumers has resulted in a higher consumption of fruits & vegetables in the country.


Trade opportunities do exist in the Qatar fruits & vegetable market. The increased disposable income among its citizens makes it suitable for the import of high-quality fruits & vegetables to the nation. Apart from the trade opportunities, the nation is also focusing on improving domestic production via methods like greenhouse farming and investing in farm lands abroad. Currently, all the GCC councils are collaborating with the European councils for joint research concerning greenhouse and water-efficient ways of farming.  The Qatar government has shown its inclination to increase production of fruits and vegetables, by investing in farm land in various countries; thus, have a competitive advantage regarding agricultural production. The government is providing investors with financial aid so that it can strengthen its food self-sufficient vision for the country.

Market Segmentation, By Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The agricultural market in Qatar is segmented by type of products into fruits and vegetables. These are sub segmented into onions, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, cauliflower, cucumber, cabbage, beans, eggplant, lemons, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, strawberry, watermelon, grapefruit, dates, and olives.

About the Market

  • PESTLE Analysis (Overview): Macro market factors pertinent to the region.
  • Market Definition: Main, as well as, associated/ancillary components constituting the market.
  • Key Findings of the Study: Top headlines about market trends & numbers.
  • Market Dynamics
    • Drivers: What are the key factors driving growth in the market?
    • Restraints: Most relevant threats and restraints which hinder the growth of the market?
    • Opportunities: Sectors of high return or quick turn around on investment?
    • Market Concentration: Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis quantified by a comprehensive list of parameters.
  • Chain Analysis
  • Competition
    • Market Share Analysis: Top players in the market (by value and volume).
    • Company Profiles: Pertinent details about leading, high growth, and innovation-motivated stakeholders with contact, operations, product/service offerings, financials and strategies & insights.

1. Introduction

                1.1 Market Definition

                1.2 Key Findings of the Study

2. Research Scope and Methodology

                2.1 Study Deliverables

                2.2 Market Segmentation

                2.3 Study Assumptions

                2.4 Research Design

3. Market Dynamics

                3.1 Drivers

                3.2 Restraints

4. Industry Analysis

                4.1 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

                                4.1.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

                                4.1.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers

                                4.1.3 Threat of New Entrants

                                4.1.4 Threat of Substitute Products

                                4.1.5 Degree of Competition

5. Market Segmentation

                5.1 Vegetables

                                5.1.1 Market Size (USD Million)

                                5.1.2 Domestic Production Overview

                                5.1.3 Domestic Consumption Overview

                                5.1.4 Import Value & Volume

                                5.1.5 Export Value & Volume

                5.2 Fruits

                                5.2.1 Market Size (USD Million)

                                5.2.2 Domestic Production Overview

                                5.2.3 Domestic Consumption Overview

                                5.2.4 Import Value & Volume

                                5.2.5 Export Value & Volume

6. Prices & Trade

                6.1 Onion

                                6.1.1 Prices

                                6.1.2 International Trade

                6.2 Potato

                                6.2.1 Prices

                                6.2.2 International Trade

                6.3 Tomato

                                6.3.1 Prices

                                6.3.2 International Trade

                6.4 Garlic

                                6.4.1 Prices

                                6.4.2 International Trade

                6.5 Cauliflower

                                6.5.1 Prices

                                6.5.2 International Trade

                6.6 Beans

                                6.6.1 Prices

                                6.6.2 International Trade

                6.7 Eggplant

                                6.7.1 Prices

                                6.7.2 International Trade

                6.8 Lemons

                                6.8.1 Prices

                                6.8.2 International Trade

                6.9 Apples

                                6.9.1 Prices

                                6.9.2 International Trade

                6.10 Bananas

                                6.10.1 Prices

                                6.10.2 International Trade

                6.11 Grapefruit

                                6.11.1 Prices

                                6.11.2 International Trade

                6.12 Grapes

                                6.12.1 Prices

                                6.12.2 International Trade

                6.13 Strawberry

                                6.13.1 Prices

                                6.13.2 International Trade

                6.14 Watermelon

                                6.14.1 Prices

                                6.14.2 International Trade

                6.15 Dates

                                6.15.1 Prices

                                6.15.2 International Trade

                6.16 Olives

                                6.16.1 Prices

                                6.16.2 International Trade

7. Regional Analysis

                7.1 PESTLE Analysis

                7.2 Supply Chain Analysis

                7.3 Government Policies

8. Competitive Analysis

                8.1 Distribution Network & Retail Analysis

                8.2 List/Profile of Key Players

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