Virtual Private Network Market Size

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Market Size of Virtual Private Network Industry

Virtual Private Network Market Summary
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Study Period 2018 -2028
Base Year For Estimation 2022
CAGR 17.20 %
Fastest Growing Market Asia Pacific
Largest Market North America
Market Concentration Low

Major Players

Virtual Private Network Market Major Players

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Virtual Private Network Market Analysis

The virtual private network market is expected to register a CAGR of 17.2% over the forecast period.

  • The growth of the virtual private network (VPN)market is attributed to the increased demand for VPN services due to the increasing importance of online privacy and security and the rise of remote work and virtual collaboration.
  • The trend towards remote work is likely to continue even after the pandemic subsides, and as a result, the use of VPNs for remote work is expected to remain high. Companies realize that remote work can be an effective and efficient way of doing business, and VPNs are an essential tool for ensuring the security and productivity of remote workers.
  • A significant rise in cyber-attacks and a surge in demand for cloud-based security solutions are expected to boost the virtual private network market. VPN offers a secure and encrypted connection that protects against various threats.
  • Furthermore, many companies and organizations must comply with data privacy and security regulations. Thus, growing adoption from such companies drives demand for VPN solutions and services. VPN helps to ensure compliance with these regulations by providing a secure and encrypted connection.
  • The high price of the mobile VPN is responsible for hampering the growth of the VPN market. Also, the regulatory environment for VPN services varies by country, with some countries restricting or banning VPN use altogether. This can impact the growth potential and competitive landscape in the market.
  • VPN providers are constantly developing new technologies and features to improve their services' speed, security, and ease of use. This includes advanced encryption with new features like multihop, server infrastructure, and user interfaces. For instance, in January 2023, Surfshark launched a new dynamic multihop feature nexus for its VPN. With this new feature, instead of the usual setup of passing the user's internet connection through a single server, its traffic gets routed through a whole network of servers rather than a single VPN tunnel.
  • COVID-19 positively impacted the VPN market. With more people working from home due to the pandemic, there was a surge in demand for VPN services. Many companies set up VPNs to enable their employees to access company networks and data from home securely. The increased demand for VPNs also led to more competition in the market, with many new players entering the market.