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Market Share of Insight as a Service Application Industry

The insight as a service application market is fragmented and is a highly competitive market. Since the solutions require close collaboration and knowledge sharing, vendors with better supply chain knowledge and connections tend to gain an edge over other competitors. There are many collaborations taking place in the market, further leading to product innovations.

May 2023 - In this era of generative artificial intelligence (AI), Stardog, a leading enterprise knowledge graph platform, received a strategic investment from Accenture through Accenture Ventures. Stardog enables organizations to do more with and extract more value from their data. Businesses utilize Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graphs to improve the integration and unification of their enterprise data because they enable real-world context to be machine-readable. The ability of a knowledge graph to endlessly link concepts - without altering the underlying data - allows for data to be unified rather than integrated by joining tables. A flexible data layer is created across the entire company thanks to this ability to unify data, which also helps to connect data silos.

October 2022 - The most recent version of the top convergent database in the world, Oracle Database 23c Beta, which supports all data types, workloads, and development methodologies, was released by Oracle. Oracle Database 23c, code-named "App Simple," focuses on streamlining application development. The JSON Relational Duality technique, which Oracle Database 23c introduces, is a ground-breaking innovation for resolving the discrepancy between how relational databases store data and how applications express it. Application development is made easier by JSON Relational Duality, which enables data to be used as both relational tables and application-friendly JSON documents.

Insight as a Service Application Market Leaders

  1. Oracle Corporation

  2. IBM Corporation

  3. Accenture PLC

  4. Dell EMC

  5. Good Data Corporation

*Disclaimer: Major Players sorted in no particular order

Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, Accenture PLC, Dell EMC, Good Data Corporation.

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