Gesture Recognition Market Trends

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Market Trends of Gesture Recognition Industry

Touch-based Gesture Recognition Segment is Expected to Hold Significant Market Share

  • Touch-based gesture recognition consists of single- and multi-touch screens, which are widely used in consumer electronics. A single touch-based function can be used in many devices, such as smartphones. For instance, a single-swipe touch can be used to access the menu bar on any smartphone. The touch-based gesture recognition segment accounts for the major portion of the market, owing to the high market penetration of laptops and smartphones that have the aforementioned basic functionalities.
  • Moreover, as more and more electronic consumer products such as smartphones and laptops adopt and incorporate touch-based gesture recognition, the proliferation of these consumer electronic products is expected to positively influence the growth of the market. Smartphones are expected to witness continuous growth over the next few years as companies are shifting their focus to the Asia-Pacific region, especially India, by launching low-cost and touch-based gesture recognition feature smartphones. For instance, according to the data from GSMA, the global smartphone penetration rate was estimated at 68% in 2022.
  • Multi-touch-based gesture recognition is used in functions such as zoom-in, zoom-out, and three-finger screenshots in smartphones. Functions, such as desktop swap and access to the menu in Windows 10, can be found on the trackpads of laptops. Currently, the touch-based gesture recognition segment dominates the market studied due to the high market penetration of laptops and smartphones that have the aforementioned basic functionalities. The segment is expected to remain the same over the forecast period as well.
  • Currently, smartphone manufacturers are launching smartphones that incorporate touch-based gesture recognition features, such as double tap to sleep and wake. In addition, laptop manufacturers are launching low-cost products that use touch-based gesture recognition, thereby augmenting the availability of the technology.
  • Additionally, touch-based gesture recognition devices are the preferred choice in industrial applications. The working environment in the industry makes it mandatory for the devices to be rugged and work in extreme conditions, such as being used with gloves and greased hands, etc. Specific industry-based security and standards certifications are also necessary for the products that make the products utilized in the industry a premium solution to implement.
Gesture Recognition Market: Global Smartphone Penetration as Share of Population, in Percentage, 2016-2022

North America is Expected to Have a Major Share

  • North America is among the market pioneers and leading innovators in terms of the adoption of gesture recognition technology. Some of the vendors, such as Jabil Inc., Leap Motion Inc., and GestureTek Inc., are headquartered in the region. The growing R&D investments in the region, as compared to the other parts of the world, are expected to further boost the market growth in terms of the adoption of the technology in the region.
  • Additionally, there is an increasing demand for gesture recognition in the automotive industry in the region, owing to the increasing demand for gesture-based user interfaces in luxury cars. Growing consumer preference for advanced vehicle features and significant OEM investments in R&D would enhance product penetration.
  • In terms of demand, the United States is expected to retain its presence as one of the prominent markets in consumer electronics devices, backed by diminishing replacement cycles and recovery in the spending power of key consumer groups. Consumer electronics is expected to show the maximum adoption of gesture recognition technology during the forecast period. The increase in demand for portable electronic products and wireless communications is expected to drive the market in the current region. The United States is one of the major consumers of consumer electronics in the world. The United States is also known to be a technologically advanced nation, thus becoming a target for several electronics manufacturers.
  • Moreover, the region holds a prominent position in the retail industry. The adoption of gesture recognition technology is also expected to grow in the retail industry, further boosting the market growth in the region. Reasor, a grocery store chain based in Oklahoma, installed an interactive display that projects the company’s logo and message on the floor. Customers can interact with it when they walk upon it with simple gestures and body movements.
Gesture Recognition Market - Growth Rate by Region

Gesture Recognition Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)