Automotive Engineering Services Outsourcing Market Trends

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Market Trends of Automotive Engineering Services Outsourcing Industry

Passenger Cars Hold the Highest Share

Passenger cars have gained immense popularity among drivers over the past few years due to features such as stylish design, compact size, and economic value. Passenger cars are the most common mode of transportation in numerous advanced countries. The improving lifestyles, increasing purchasing power, rising disposable incomes, growing brand awareness, and improving economy are leading to a shift in customer preferences worldwide globe, resulting in high sales of passenger cars.

According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, sales of passenger cars increased from 14,67,039 to 17,47,376 units during 2022-2023.

The increased demand for electric vehicles in Asia-Pacific also resulted in market growth. In the first quarter of 2023, electric car sales in India doubled compared to the same period in 2022.

The rising demand for sport utility vehicles (SUVs) creates profitable opportunities for market players and acts as a major driving factor for the global passenger car market’s growth. The share of SUVs in overall passenger vehicle (PV) sales rose from 18% in 2016 to 41% in 2023.

Companies are focusing on developing some exciting capabilities in automotive engineering and sharing their vision for the future of mobility. They are also focusing on agreements to scale these capabilities and innovations globally. The segments include electric/electronics, software, consulting and service, testing, and vehicle development.

For instance, in October 2022, Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, announced a partnership with Foxconn-initiated MIH (Mobility in Harmony) Consortium, an open EV alliance that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry.

Thus, the abovementioned factors are expected to have a positive impact on the market.

Automotive Engineering Services Outsourcing Market: Electric car registrations in World, 2018-2022 (Million Units)

Asia-Pacific is Expected to Hold a Major Share in the Automotive Engineering Service Outsourcing Market

Asia-Pacific is likely to have a large share of the target market, attributed to the presence of significant automobile OEMs and the outsourcing of production and associated operations to countries such as India, South Korea, and China due to the availability of low-cost labor. As a result, automotive ESO providers are transferring their operations to this region.

India accounts for roughly 30% of all available manpower among low-cost countries. The country has a 15-26% cost advantage over European, Latin American, and North American countries. India has provided a highly competitive market for global OEMs catering to the needs of various segments worldwide. Kia and MG are two new OEMs in the Indian market.

The availability of low-cost, educated, and semi-skilled labor in India makes it an attractive option for international OEMs seeking to outsource their operations. Several firms focus on partnerships to develop sustainable mobility solutions and build the next generation of electric vehicles, autonomous driving solutions, and mobility service applications that can deliver value for consumers in the mobility industry. For instance,

  • In August 2022, L&T Technology Services, headquartered in India, bagged a 5-year infotainment deal from BMW Group to provide high-end engineering services for the company's suite of infotainment. The proximity to BMW Group's campus will enable LTTS' engineers to work on a variety of solutions and offer services in real-time.

Thus, the abovementioned factors are expected to positively impact the market’s growth.

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