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Aerogel Companies (2024 - 2029)

Numerous companies globally are specializing in the production and distribution of aerogels. These firms are committed to the development of this technology, with a focus on enhancing its efficiency and application across various sectors. Some businesses have even gone a step further to establish partnerships with other industry players to boost their production capacity and market reach. These corporations showcase the growing interest and investment in aerogel technology.

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Top Companies in Aerogel Market

This report lists the top Aerogel companies based on the 2023 & 2024 market share reports. Mordor Intelligence expert advisors conducted extensive research and identified these brands to be the leaders in the Aerogel industry.

  1. Aspen Aerogels Inc.

  2. Cabot Corporation

  3. Armacell

  4. Nano Tech Co. Ltd

  5. Guangdong Alison Hi-tech Co. Ltd.

*Disclaimer: Top companies sorted in no particular order

 Aerogel Market Major Players

Aerogel Market Concentration

Aerogel Market Concentration

Aerogel Company List

                              • Active Aerogels

                              • Aerogel Technologies LLC

                              • Aerogel-it Gmbh

                              • Amracell

                              • Aspen Aerogels Inc.

                              • Cabot Corporation

                              • Enersens

                              • Guangdong Alison Technology Co. Ltd

                              • Jios Aerogel

                              • Nano Tech Co. Ltd

                              • Ningbo Surnano Aerogel Co. Ltd

                              • Sino Aerogel

                              • Svenska Aerogel

                              • Taasi Corporation

                              • Thermablok Aerogels Limited

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                            Aerogel Market Companies Summary

                            The aerogel market is anticipated to experience growth over the forecast period, driven by the recovery of the oil and gas industry from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic had resulted in decreased demand for fuel and consequently, less consumption of aerogel in the oil and gas sector. However, the situation is improving, and this is expected to spur the demand for aerogel. The growth of the aerogel market is also propelled by the rapidly expanding construction industry and increased adoption due to aerogel's reusability and recyclability. Despite the high cost of production posing a challenge to the market, the development of a lighter and thinner alternative to conventional insulation presents significant opportunities for industry growth. In the oil and gas industry, aerogel is being increasingly used due to its ability to improve insulation for deep-sea pipe-in-pipe oil and gas pipelines, thereby enhancing the efficiency and security of oil and gas flow. With the world's economy heavily reliant on oil and gas, this trend is expected to continue, driving the growth of the aerogel market. Additionally, the United States is anticipated to dominate the market in the North America region, attributed to strict environmental regulations, growing awareness of eco-friendly products, and extensive research on product and process development for aerogel production. The use of aerogel in thermal and acoustic insulation, coupled with the growth of the building and construction, and oil and gas industries, is expected to further boost the market in the United States.

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                            Aerogel Companies - Table of Contents

                            1. 1. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE

                              1. 1.1 Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Agreements

                              2. 1.2 Market Ranking Analysis

                              3. 1.3 Strategies Adopted by Leading Players

                              4. 1.4 Company Profiles

                                1. 1.4.1 Active Aerogels

                                2. 1.4.2 Aerogel Technologies LLC

                                3. 1.4.3 Aerogel-it Gmbh

                                4. 1.4.4 Amracell

                                5. 1.4.5 Aspen Aerogels Inc.

                                6. 1.4.6 Cabot Corporation

                                7. 1.4.7 Enersens

                                8. 1.4.8 Guangdong Alison Technology Co. Ltd

                                9. 1.4.9 Jios Aerogel

                                10. 1.4.10 Nano Tech Co. Ltd

                                11. 1.4.11 Ningbo Surnano Aerogel Co. Ltd

                                12. 1.4.12 Sino Aerogel

                                13. 1.4.13 Svenska Aerogel

                                14. 1.4.14 Taasi Corporation

                                15. 1.4.15 Thermablok Aerogels Limited

                              5. *List Not Exhaustive

                            Aerogel Companies FAQs

                            Aspen Aerogels Inc., Cabot Corporation, Armacell, Nano Tech Co. Ltd and Guangdong Alison Hi-tech Co. Ltd. are the major companies operating in the Aerogel Market.

                            Aerogel Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)