United States Wine Market Trends

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Market Trends of United States Wine Industry

This section covers the major market trends shaping the US Wine Market according to our research experts:

Extensive Vineyard Area Anticipated to Strengthen the Market

  • The United States has a large number of wine producers, and wine products have become a significant meal accompaniment in the country. The innovation in terms of flavor, color, and packaging customizations has led to increased sales of wines across the country. Nevertheless, to satiate the high demand, considerable land area has been converted into vineyards to cater to the need for grapes that would be highly priced if sourced from outside the United States. 
  • According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, in 2021, Grape acreage totaled 881,000 acres in California. The total grape cultivation for the production of wine accounted for 615,000 acres, while the table-type grape acreage totaled 128,000 acres. The total acreage of raisin-type grapes was 138,000 acres. The manufacturers, thus, procure grapes in bulk from these vineyards to produce wines at lower prices and fulfill the demand for locally produced wines. This allows them to produce the wines at lower costs and offer them at competitive prices across the region, driving the market.
United States Wine Market : Estimated Grape Acreage, in Acres, by Type, 2021

Growing Demand for Imported Wine in the Country

  • European countries, especially Italy, France, and Spain, have been major producers of wines for centuries due to the abundant availability of grapes for wine production and the increasing demand for their wines globally. The United States has been extensively importing premium wines from countries across the globe to fulfill demand, despite being a major ground for innumerable wine manufacturers. Thus, the continuous growth in the import of high-quality wines into the country is expected to cater to the strong consumer base and drive the country's wine market shortly. 
  • According to the UN Comtrade, the United States' sparkling wine imports increased from USD 1,304.72 million in 2020 to USD 1,910.5 million in 2021. Nonetheless, innovations in wine products and various flavors are likely to provide lucrative opportunities for the imported wine market in the United States. Top wine importers in the United States are Southern Wine and Spirits, Southern Glazers, Fredrick Wildman and Sons, Charmer Sunbelt Group, Youngs Market Company, Vine Street Imports, Wirtz Beverages, etc.
United States Wine Market : Sparkling Wine Imports, in USD Million, 2017-2021

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