South America Food Colorants Market Trends

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Market Trends of South America Food Colorants Industry

This section covers the major market trends shaping the South America Food Colorants Market according to our research experts:

Increased Demand for Natural Food Colorants

There has been much interest in the development of new natural colorants used in the food industry, which is apparently due to strong consumer demand for more natural products. The health-enhancing properties of natural colors, combined with the organic properties in the natural products, are also increasing the appeal for the same. Currently, the food industry is producing natural colors at a commercial level. Natural colors that are widely used in the food industry are caramel, carotenoids, anthocyanin, and carmine. Brazil is essentially an agriculture and food-based economy, the increasing food production, and consequently rising food processing sector is expected to drive the food colorants market positively. The environment-friendly feature and health benefits of natural colorants coupled with favorable government regulations is expected to further augment the growth of natural food colorings segment.

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Growing Utilization in Beverages

The increasing application of food colors in beverages, such as flavored drinks, nutritional drinks, and soft drinks, is driving the food colorants market. In CSD (carbonated soft drinks) and non-alcoholic beverages segments bright, vivid, and unusual colors are used to attract the younger generation looking for 'extreme' flavor. Strong and unusual colors in alcoholic beverages are appealing to consumers. There are many new developments in the natural color segment that can be used in beverages. For example, finding a suitable natural replacement for Yellow #6 in beverages was challenging due to flavor off-notes, instability, and simple ingredient label requirements; but now, Sensient Pure-S™ Orange is a perfect match for Yellow #6. It provides a deep orange shade in clear beverages, such as sports drinks, juices, water enhancers, and CSDs.

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