Slovenia E-commerce Market Trends

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Market Trends of Slovenia E-commerce Industry

This section covers the major market trends shaping the Slovenia E-commerce Market according to our research experts:

Domestic E-Commerce is Expanding Rapidly in Slovenia

  • Slovenian E-Commerce is rapidly expanding due to decreasing prices and a growing variety of items. Customs duties are not charged on online transactions made within the EU. Despite the foreign competition, nearly half of Slovenian internet shoppers (49%) adhere to domestic online stores., www.,,,, and are amongst the most popular Slovenian E-Commerce sites. As more Slovenians shop online for goods and services from other EU nations and the United States, cross-border E-Commerce is rising.
  • Slovenians shop on all major worldwide E-Commerce sites, including, while many Slovenians choose to save duties by purchasing from EU-based websites of popular American online companies such as Amazon Germany. The most popular online commodities are electronics, fashion products, housing equipment, publications, pharmaceuticals, health supplements, trip bookings, and airline tickets.
  • Slovenia is also a SEPA member (Single Euro Payments Area). It is a European agreement that makes handling non-cash payments in the European Union easier. These payments are subject to similar legal regulations, making payments between member countries easier and more efficient. It also boosts the transaction's security.
  • In Slovenia, Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce is still in its infancy, with many businesses relying on older systems with outmoded processes and local sales channels. Slovenia's vehicle sector is growing its B2B commerce infrastructure, with many sales to Germany, France, and Italy.
Slovenia E-commerce Market: Share of Shoppers making Domestic and Cross-border Purchases in Slovenia 2020 (In Percentage %)

Fashion Holds the Largest Share in E-Commerce

  • Fashion is the most significant portion of the Slovenian E-Commerce market. Fashion is perhaps the most popular segment in Slovenia, contributing to around 30% of all eCommerce income, as stated by the E-commerce Germany blog.
  • Regarding preferred E-Commerce stores, these are all Slovenian services or stores, not just Slovenian domains. The undisputed leader is marketplace, and second place is, a DIY store., an eCommerce site that sells electronic equipment, is ranked third.
  • According to the E-commerce Germany blog, Slovenes prefer to pay with prepaid cards, which account for up to 63 percent of all transactions. Mobile phones come in second with a slightly lower score, accounting for 17% of the payment market. Then there are credit cards (10%) and electronic wallets (9%).
  • According to E-commerce news, cash on delivery is still the most preferred payment method in Slovenia. Due to a lengthy history of cash transactions, this is the case. Approximately 40% of consumers in Slovenia currently pay with cash when their items are delivered. On the other hand, electronic payments have become more popular in recent years. Credit cards account for about a fifth of all purchases, up 12% from 2020.
Slovenia E-commerce Market: Consumer Spending on Clothing in Slovenia 2008-2020 (in million euros)

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