Sales Performance Management Market Trends

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Market Trends of Sales Performance Management Industry

This section covers the major market trends shaping the Sales Performance Management Market according to our research experts:

Increasing Demand for Sales Mobility Driving Market Growth

  • Next-generation mobility solutions would automatically enter client meeting information into CRM and even send and track follow-up emails after the meeting. By adding the details of a specific meeting to the CRM in the blink of an eye without the hassle of logging in from a home office later or messing up the data added to the system, sales teams can keep a full and accurate account of customer interactions while minimizing time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Furthermore, the advent of audio-video conferencing application programming interfaces to promote personalization and productivity would expand the market's favorable potential. Furthermore, rising demand for lowering the risk of sudden sales and proper pattern forecast would function as market drivers, increasing the growth rate of the sales performance management market.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications boost the sales teams' efficiency. Today's platforms may make specific recommendations to salespeople, such as what materials and content they should use to advance a sales scenario or who they should follow up with at key phases of the sales process. AI can also assist each rep in learning from the highest performing colleagues on their team and guiding them to achievement when in front of their client. AI enables sales teams to perform better by providing them with a personal assistant to support them daily.
  • According to a survey conducted by Algorithmia, the top artificial intelligence and machine learning use case last year, at 57%, is improving customer experience. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can assist in advancing a range of business operations.
  • Many sales teams still utilize laptops for customer-facing presentations, which may be inconvenient. It frequently necessitates Wi-Fi connectivity within the customer's workplace, powering up a PC before the presentation, connecting to the conference room projector or TV, and so on. In today's advanced mobile landscape, firms would empower sales personnel to deliver customer presentations using their phone or tablet. Furthermore, there is no justification for content rendering difficulties or display controls on mobile devices with modern software.
Sales Performance Management Market : Use Case Frequency of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, In Percentage, 2020-2021

North America is Expected to Register High Growth

  • Markets, such as North America, have been closer to maturing, and sales in such highly competitive environments need sales enablement platforms to help companies implement, scale, and execute their sales enablement strategies.
  • The North American region is well known as the hub for major consumer electronics and software giants worldwide, like Google, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. These companies actively contribute to the demand for SPM in the region as they implement several marketing strategies to gain clients worldwide.
  • The telecom market in the region is another significant contributor to the demand for SPM in the same. The market is highly competitive and dominated by major brands like T-Mobile and Verizon. Every loyal customer earned is a long-term benefit in the telecom business. This forces the companies to set higher targets for the regional sales force to gain more customers.
  • The growing demand for accurate measurement and tracking of sales metrics and mitigation for IT staff may drive market growth in the North American region over the forecast period. Furthermore, regional organizations are increasingly eliminating the idea of using complicated excel spreadsheets to manage sales performance.
  • The companies demand customizable, streamlined, and flexible systems to manage and offer analytics based on their sales performances, which may boost market growth over the forecast period.
Sales Petormance Management Market - Growth Rate by Region

Sales Performance Management (SPM) Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)