Russia Foodservice Market Trends

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Market Trends of Russia Foodservice Industry

Increasing Prevalence of Eating/Dining Out

  • Due to the enhanced convenience in food consumption, there is a high preference for food outlets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner among those with busy lifestyles. According to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, Russian households, on average, spend around 4.5% of their total expenditure on eating out.
  • Due to the increasing demand, Russia is witnessing increased food chain outlets. More individuals prefer cuisines, meals, and dishes from other countries, like pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and baked potatoes, thus driving the market's growth.
  • Quick and full-service restaurants dominate the market with more than half of the market share. Convenience, taste, and rapid service of the players in the market encourage consumers to eat outside of their homes, resulting in the flourishing of the food service market in the country.
Russia Foodservice Market : Market Share By Segment, In Percentage, 2020

Chained Consumer Foodservice is the Fastest-growing Segment

  • Chained foodservice like fast-food restaurants and coffee houses/cafes are growing rapidly in Russia compared to fine dining and mid-range restaurants. Young and middle-aged consumers in Russia heavily purchase food from chain restaurants.
  • Chained fast-food outlets are performing well in the country due to the overall popularity of franchising in Russia and the customers' preference for well-known and consistent food service standards provided by chained outlets. This led to the rapid expansion of major chain franchises across the country.
  • Hence, major chained franchises in the country hold a significant market share for quick and consistent consumer service. Additionally, chained outlets tend to maintain consistency in taste, sanitation, and quality standards, encouraging consumers to visit chained outlets frequently compared to independent outlets in the market.
Russia Foodservice Market: Market Share of Chained Foodservice, In Percentage, 2020

Russian Food Service Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)