Netherlands Cashew Market - Growth, Trends, Industry Analysis and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

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The Netherlands is the largest European importer of cashew nut kernels, accounting for more than 40% of the total regional imports. Globally, the country comprises 10% of the total trade. The demand for the nut is growing at a continuous rate of 3-4% annually, thus making cashew the cheapest tree nut. The favorable exchange rates and stable prices in the regional market are triggering the interest of packers and consumers equally.

The Netherlands has established itself as the largest trading hub for cashew products in Europe. The country is also the largest European re-exporter of cashew nut kernels. The port of Rotterdam is the main entry point of cashew nut kernels in Europe. The country is also involved in cashew processing and exporting. Vietnam, India, and Brazil are the main DC suppliers of cashew nut kernels to the country. The rest of the DC suppliers are from countries in Africa and Asia. The Netherlands is the main European importer for the West African cashew. The West African cashew reaches the European market through processors in Vietnam and India.

As the largest importer and re-exporter in Europe, the Netherlands is a highly relevant market for cashew trade in Europe. The country is the main distribution center for cashew nut kernels in Europe and has the highest share of imports sourced directly (93%). The country also possesses a number of specialized organic and fair trade importers mainly active in the European snack segment.

The Netherlands cashew crop market report covers the following information –

  • Crop production
  • Country consumption
  • Country trade (export-import) scenario and statistics
  • Price trend and seasonality of the crop
  • Future outlook of the crop market

Stakeholders who would benefit -

  • Crop growers
  • Enterprises providing agricultural inputs
  • Crop processing companies
  • Crop importers and exporters
  • Investors/research institutions interested in the crop market 

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