India Pet Food Market Trends

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Market Trends of india pet food Industry

The availability of a wide range of commercial cat foods and flourishing cat cafes are leading to a rise in cat adoptions in the country

  • In India, traditionally, cats had a lower share than dogs. However, the trend is expected to change as they are considered low maintenance compared to dogs and are more suitable for smaller flats or houses in the metro cities of India. This trend has helped increase the cat population by 88.2% between 2017 and 2022. In the last few years, the most popular cat breeds adopted in the country included Persian, Siamese, and Maine Coon. People adopted these cat breeds as they can adjust to small apartments, are friendly in nature, and have human companionship.
  • In 2020, cat ownership was about 0.5% of pet ownership, which increased thrice during the pandemic. This trend is expected to have a long-lasting effect as the average life span of cats is more than 20 years. There is a rapid increase in pet product offerings in the country. Start-ups are working to educate pet parents about the benefits of using specialized pet products. Head-up-For-Tails has services such as adopting pets, educating pet parents in selecting the pet, and pet services such as pet grooming and vet visits. These services benefit cat parents in metro cities for working professionals to care for their pets.
  • Cat cafes are being established nationwide to help potential cat parents adopt new or stray cats. For instance, Cat Café Studio in Mumbai helps rescue cats, provides food, and finds pet parents and 300 stray cats were adopted by people until 2017.
  • The rising need for companionship, the lesser space in metro cities, and new start-ups catering to the well-being of pets are expected to help increase the adoption of cats in the country.
India Pet Food Market

Growing distribution channels and a wide range of premium pet foods drive pet expenditure

  • India's pet food industry has been witnessing growth with the rise in pet expenditure. Pet expenditure witnessed a growth of 24.9% between 2017 and 2022 due to the different types of pet food provided to pets and the rising premiumization. Pet parents are purchasing pet food products that contain natural ingredients and organic food by paying a premium price for these products to keep their pets healthy and prevent malnutrition.
  • Pet parents are investing a higher share of expenditure on pet food and treats compared to other expenses such as pet grooming, pet walking, and pet daycare. For instance, about 75-80% of the pet expenditure in India accounted for pet food and treats in 2022. Pet parents treat their pets as family members and offer high-quality premium brands such as Royal Canin and Pedigree for their pets' craving needs and nutritional requirements.
  • The high demand for purchasing pet food through online channels can be attributed to the availability of different types of pet food, such as organic pet food, dry pet food, and wet pet food, on a website with an easy delivery process. For instance, in 2021, about 73% of pet parents purchased pet food through online retailers. The country's evolving quick e-commerce business landscape may also boost online pet food sales during the forecast period.
  • The growing expenditure on premium pet food, pet parents feeding pets with commercial pet food, and growing distribution channels are expected to increase the sales of pet food and pet expenditure in the country during the forecast period.
India Pet Food Market


  • The evolving pet ecosystem in urban cities and the growing pet humanization have led to an increase in dog adoptions
  • Increasing awareness of low expenses and low maintenance required for other pets has led to a rise in their adoption