Office And Contact Center Headset Market Trends

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Market Trends of Office And Contact Center Headset Industry

Wired Headsets to Hold Major Share

  • Any potential connectivity or Bluetooth issues that occur while using wireless headphones are minimized after switching to wired headphones. While technology like Bluetooth supports digital signals that connect wireless headphones, the wired ones are integrated with analog signals that can handle more data and deliver excellent sound quality.
  • The global headset demand is increasing and is expected to reach around 1.28 billion units by 2027. Users prefer wired headsets as they are more affordable than wireless ones. Although the cost largely depends on the technology that goes into developing them, Bluetooth models and gaming headset costs will always be on the upper side.
  • Despite their technological advancements, Bluetooth headphones sometimes suffer from annoying issues like connection drop errors or showing connection even if the user completes a call. A wired headset gives smooth and continuous connectivity as it is directly plugged into the device.
  • In February 2023, to overcome breaks in transmission and loss of quality, Sennheiser launched IE 200 wired earphones that feature a natural frequency response curve and virtually nonexistent harmonic distortion usually found in earphones. The brand has also improved the braided cable, which reduces handling noise.
  • Moreover, these days, demand for type-C earphones is increasing as most Android phones are coming into the market without an earphone jack. This puts the purchasers in a dilemma, as they must choose between the numerous Bluetooth headphones or USB Type-C earphones. Bluetooth headphones are excellent. However, they are not favored by a majority of people, as they are cordless and, therefore, can be easily misplaced.
  • Thus, several players are also focusing on introducing type C earphones for better communication and sound. For instance, in August 2022, OnePlus announced to introduce an upgraded USB Type-C wired earphones in India. These earphones are compatible with any Type-C USB port and pair easily with OnePlus devices. It will also allow users to modify the sound enhancement setting for a more customized sound.
  • Furthermore, call centers are primarily choosing UC and business headsets due to the advantages they offer to their business operations, including enhanced employee productivity and effective client communication.
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Asia-Pacific is Anticipated to Hold Major Market Growth

  • Manufacturing is a crucial driver of economic growth for Asian countries. The Governments are encouraging international players to invest and shift their manufacturing operations in the APAC region. In 2023, the Asia-Pacific area is anticipated to lead global economic growth because of free trade agreements, effective supply chains, and affordable prices.
  • The government of Vietnam is concentrating on services that can encourage the expansion of other industries, particularly manufacturing. Vietnam has become a viable choice for commercial investments amid the US-China trade conflict. Vietnam is eager to ease some limitations on the trade in services and foreign investment while enacting measures to increase competition and indigenous enterprises' access to financing.
  • The government of India is promoting the Make in India Project to accelerate manufacturing in the country. The prices of the headphones, earbuds, and other wearables like smartwatches being imported into the country were hiked to boost local manufacturing. Though international brands have taken advantage of the PLI scheme, homegrown brands are taking initiatives to expand their portfolio in product manufacturing. For instance: The Indian wearables startup Boat manufactured over 10 million wearables products annually.
  • Moreover, the region's robust need for business process outsourcing has predominantly fueled the requirement for professional headsets. Presently, India holds a leading position in the business process outsourcing market within the region. India's BPO sector is well-established and manages numerous primary and secondary (non-essential) business operations. These encompass customer service call centers, IT system advancement, IT infrastructure, and technical assistance. This upsurge in audio and video conferencing interactions during these operations amplifies the market demand for professional headsets.
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