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Recent industry report about Business Intelligence (BI) company news, including latest market trends and industry updates in 2024. This sector news is compiled by Mordor Intelligence™ Business Intelligence (BI) Market industry experts.

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Business Intelligence (BI) News

  • May 2023: Rackspace US Inc announced Object Storage which enables organizations securely store and utilize large pools of unstructured data, where Rackspace Object Storage saves substantial costs by eliminating data egress, retrieval, and transaction charges. In many cases, the Rackspace Object Storage solution can save more than 80% over hyper-scale cloud storage options. For multi-cloud customers operating modern S3-enabled applications, this is a new paradigm that facilitates better performance and lower costs, even as data-intensive applications continue to drive up the need for storage,
  • May 2023: GoodData announced the release of its new Last Mile ETL feature, which helps customers streamline their data management processes, enabling more effective use of time and resources and maximized data velocity. It fully supports changes made to the logical data model (LDM) within the GoodData interface without affecting the data and data structure in a user's database.

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  • June 2023: Intermap Technologies leveraged its high-resolution elevation data access to perform imagery correction services for a national government organization to support the development projects in El Salvador and Honduras in Central America. In partnership with GeoSolutions, Intermap enables the creation of precision maps that are invaluable resources in supporting community safety and resiliency.
  • March 2023: Mach9, the company building the fastest technologies for geospatial production, introduced its first product. The new product leverages computer vision and AI to produce faster 2D and 3D CAD and GIS engineering deliverables. This product launch comes amidst Mach9's pivot to a software-first business model, which is a move that is primarily driven by the rising demand for tools that accelerate geospatial data processing and analysis for infrastructure management.
  • March 2023: Datajoin, an integration solutions company in Orem, Utah, announced the Digital Analytics Integrations for Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics teams. These new connections extend digital analytics tools beyond website metrics to drive business customer acquisition. Datajoin can connect web analytics data to help to get the most out of marketing automation and advertising platforms.
  • February 2023: das42 announced that it earned the google cloud partner advantage data analytics services partner specialization. das42 demonstrated its skill and capacity in developing client solutions in the data analytics industry by utilizing google cloud technology, thus achieving this specialization.
  • September 2023: Geoscience Australia successfully integrated the administration and access to Australia's positioning infrastructure through the National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC). This integration ensures that the government, business, and academic sectors can now access reliable and fit-for-purpose positioning data and services with ease.
  • March 2023: In Southland, a groundbreaking development was announced: the installation of a highly precise GPS, expected to yield significant and wide-ranging advantages. This trans-Tasman partnership is poised to revolutionize global positioning accuracy, bringing it within just a few centimeters. The SouthPAN project, equipped with state-of-the-art satellite receivers, has significantly enhanced New Zealand's existing GPS infrastructure, reducing the global positioning system's margin of error from approximately 5 to 10 meters down to an astonishing 10 centimeters. The benefits of this upgraded system are extensive, including more precise operations for farmers utilizing GPS-powered tractors and improved tracking of animals with GPS collars. It will also have far-reaching benefits for rescue helicopters, enabling them to operate more effectively. Regional aircraft can safely operate in adverse visibility conditions, and ship monitoring will see a substantial improvement in accuracy and efficiency.
  • November 2023 - During KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, Veeam, a company that provides Kubernetes data protection, announced the launch of its New Kasten K10 V6.5 platform for Kubernetes. With this new release, the company has begun to provide access to ransomware protection advances that enable integrations with SIEM.
  • September 2023 - Zscaler, Inc. announced a collaboration with CrowdStrike and Imprivata to provide a zero trust cybersecurity solution from device to cloud that is tailored to medical institutions. The new Zscaler integration with the Imprivata Digital Identity Platform will enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements by providing visibility, threat protection, and traceability for end-to-end, multi-user, shared device access control.
  • May 2022: Philippines operator PLDT partnered with Cisco to deploy a 5G standalone service platform in Manila, to be implemented in PLDT's 5G TechnoLab in Makati City. Powered by Cisco's 5G SA service, the venue was expected to enable PLDT Technolab to provide a network sandbox of the latest private 5G standalone service architecture, where enterprises of all sizes and vertical industries could develop digital use cases.
  • April 2022: Huawei introduced simplified, intelligent, low-carbon campus networks with all-scenario AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 series products, CloudEngine S8700 series (next-generation high-density modular switches), fiber/copper hybrid cables, and remote modules.
  • February 2022: Globe Philippines and Huawei jointly work to build the world's largest commercial AirPON network. This solution utilized thousands of wireless sites, helping Globe improve FTTH network construction efficiency, reduce costs, and effectively cope with the network construction challenges of full-service transformation.
  • January 2023: New Data Science Platform TENJIN was launched BY SAIC. Tenjin, a new low-code to full-code artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) development and orchestration platform, has been made available by Science Applications International Corp. Tenjin provides a free solution to help customers process data with the resources they have available because many organizations struggle with resource limitations when trying to analyze data. Any professional can use Tenjin to build analytical models from pre-existing data to acquire decision-enabling insights quickly.
  • November 2022: Qlik Cloud Data Integration, the company's Business Integration Platform as a Service (eiPaaS), was launched to drive data strategies by connecting all enterprise applications and data sources to the cloud. Improving data access, real-time mobility, and enhanced transformation across the enterprise is critical to enterprises maximizing the value of their data.
  • November 2022: Alteryx Inc., an Analytics Automation company, announced the launch of innovations in analytics and data science automation, analytics in the cloud, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) during the company's Virtual Global Inspire conference. The new designer interface will be powered by the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, meaning all cloud users will have access to the browser-based no-code analytics tool, with in-database pushdown processing for cloud data warehouses.
  • July 2022: The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) granted a license to operate in Mumbai and Ahmedabad to CloudConnect Communications, a B2B virtual network operator (VNO). CloudConnect would provide corporate call management systems with Integrated Cloud-based Communication Solutions, CRM (customer relationship management) Integration with telephony via programmable APIs, and calls and administrative access to the forum in domestic and international markets.
  • April 2022 - TrendMiner, a Software AG company, has launched the next-generation production client for industrial analytics. R1 released provides a seamless user experience. It enabled a vast pool of operational experts to make data-driven decisions and optimize the performance of the operations to meet business, environmental, and safety ambitions.
  • January 2022 - Oracle launched Oracle Cloud for Telcos. Oracle Cloud for Telcos is a comprehensive cloud solution built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. OCI is a cloud platform that can be used in a distributed cloud architecture and has 36 public cloud regions worldwide. Furthermore, with over 60 industry application suites, the OCI platform supported third-party, custom, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite workloads.
  • September 2022: KPI 360, an AI-driven solution that uses real-time data monitoring and prediction to assist manufacturing organizations in seeing various operational data sources through a single, comprehensive industrial intelligence dashboard that sets up in hours, was recently unveiled by SymphonyAI Industrial.
  • January 2022: The most recent version of the IVAAP platform for ubiquitous subsurface visualization and analytics applications was released by INT, a top supplier of data visualization software. IVAAP allows exploring, visualizing, and computing energy data by providing full OSDU Data Platform compatibility. With the new edition, IVAAP's map-based search, data discovery, and data selection are expanded to include 3D seismic volume intersection, 2D seismic overlays, reservoir, and base map widgets for cloud-based visualization of all forms of energy data.
  • September 2023: Amazon and Anthropic announced a strategic partnership that would bring together their respective technology and expertise in safer generative artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the development of Anthropic’s future foundation models and make them widely accessible to AWS consumers.
  • May 2022: Intel launched its second-generation Habana AI deep learning processors in order to deliver high efficiency and high performance. The launch of Habana's new deep learning processors is a key example of Intel executing on its AI strategy to give customers a wide array of solution choices from cloud to the edge, addressing the growing number and complex nature of AI workloads.
  • August 2022: Amazon launched a new Machine Learning (ML) software through which medical records of patients can be analyzed for better treatment of patients and reduce overall expenses.

June 2023: Pure Storage Inc. delivered data storage technology and services, i.e., All-Flash Solutions for Every Storage. Pure Storage’s portfolio spans includes the expansion of Pure Storage’s disk replacement-focused Pure/E family of products, with the all-new FlashArray//E, Flasharray//X, and Flash array//C.

June 2023: Huawei launched the innovative data center and data infrastructure architecture F2F2X (Flash-to-Flash-to-Anything) at the Financial Data Storage Session, a part of the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023.

October 2023: NetApp launched their new joint Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) solution, NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal. NetApp Storage, integrated with Equinix Metal, is delivered as an as-a-service model through NetApp Keystone, which offers a real hybrid cloud experience--in a single subscription--so users can choose the storage capacity and performance they need without overprovisioning. Keystone greatly reduces upfront costs with the flexibility to add more storage on demand as business needs dictate.

September 2023: Pure Storage appointed Westcon-Comstor as its newest distributor in Australia. The partnership is an expansion of the two companies' existing agreements in New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. The partnership accelerates the adoption of FlashStack – a software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure from Pure and Cisco that integrates computing, networking, and storage.

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