Geopolymer Market Trends

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Market Trends of Geopolymer Industry

This section covers the major market trends shaping the Geopolymer Market according to our research experts:

Building Segment to Dominate the Market

  • The use of geopolymers in building construction has a vital role. Due to the rapidly growing construction activities and the overgrowing population across the world, large amounts of greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere, causing a huge environmental impact. With the increasing impact of greenhouse gases on the environment emitted either during cement manufacturing or in other alternate ways, the overall construction of building materials has created scope for the development and use of geopolymers in building construction.
  • It has been noted that the building and construction sector has experienced rapid growth in the past few years. According to the World Bank, the value of the global construction industry reached USD 22.36 trillion in 2020 and registered growth compared to USD 27.18 trillion in 2021.
  • The development of green technology in the construction industry dates back years. The increase in environmental awareness in recent years around the world has led to a positive assessment of the environmental impact of building materials in addition to their technical properties.
  • Several types of geopolymer materials, such as geopolymer concrete, geopolymer cement, binders, geopolymer bricks, panels, and many others, are being used during building construction, owing to their versatile properties in reducing greenhouse emissions as well as energy savings.
  • One of the recent applications of geopolymers in the building is cited as the first ever pile constructed in London, dated January 2021, using one of the leading geopolymer manufacturers, Wagner's Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC), by working with two leading UK firms, Keltbray Group and Capital Concrete.
  • Additionally, in Australia, the University of Queensland's Global Change Institute (GCI), designed by Hassell in conjunction with Bligh Tanner and Wagners, is the world's first building to use geopolymer concrete for structural purposes.
  • Moreover, with such growing usage of geopolymers in building construction, awareness has been growing among the public and governments over the advantages of using geopolymer concrete, and this can be related to Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, in which mostly geopolymer concrete was used; approximately 23.000 m3 were used.
  • Overall, the use of geopolymers in building construction has been growing. This is because geopolymers have a lot of benefits.
Geopolymer Market : Value of Construction Industry, in USD trillion, Global, 2017-2021

China to Dominate the Asia-Pacific Market

  • In the Asia-Pacific region, China dominated the global market share with growing construction activities and increasing demand for construction materials.
  • To fasten up its economic growth to recover the losses during the pandemic period, China's Ministry of Finance and National Development has planned to invest CNY 500 billion (USD 71.86 billion) in building up a state infrastructure fund in the third quarter of 2022, aimed at promoting infrastructure spending.
  • Additionally, the country is working on the expansion of 30 airports to improve the connectivity to the country's fourth largest international hub Chengdu Tianfu International Airport.
  • According to CAAC, China's 13th five-year plan include the expansion of air transportation services in low-income areas for poverty alleviation in 2020. The country is investing USD 1.43 trillion in the next five year till 2025, in major construction projects which includes ultra-high voltage energy projects, big data centers, high-speed railway, and intercity tracks & stations, 5G base stations, electric vehicle charging station, and various others.
  • According to National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Shanghai plan includes the investment of USD 38.7 billion in the next three years, whereas Guangzhou has signed 16 new infrastructure projects with and investment of USD 8.09 billion.
  • Additionally, the country is targeting to build five million 5G base stations in the next five years till 2025, a growth of 25 times from the current number of 5G base stations. These massive infrastructure development projects in the country are propelling the demand for geopolymers in China.
  • The country is also working on road projects initiated in 2020 which include the construction of an expressway between the cities such as Guangnan Nasa and Xiahou Xingjie with an investment of USD 1.61 billion, Chengjiang and Huaning with an investment of USD 1.86 billion, and Quibei and Yanshan in Yunan province with an investment of USD 1.54 billion which are estimated to get completed in 2023.
  • Additionally, the construction of two new highway projects connecting Nayong with Qinglong, andLiuzzii with Anlong in Guizhou Province with and investment of USD 8.68 billion is expected to positively impact the geopolymers market in China.
  • Thereby, increasing the residential construction in the country which in turn will have a positive effect on the geopolymers market in the country.
Geopolymer Market Growth Rate by Region, 2021-2026

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