Europe Metal Cans Market Trends

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Market Trends of Europe Metal Cans Industry

Food Cans to Witness Significant Growth

  • The United Kingdom is experiencing high demand for packaged food due to rising income, ease and convenience, and availability of canned food. Additionally, consumer trends, such as a preference for small-size and multi-pack packaging formats, support the volume growth of metal cans in the food sector of the United Kingdom.
  • Furthermore, consumers demand food cans due to their low environmental impact and increasing environmental concerns. The high recyclability of metal cans is one of the significant drivers of the market studied.
  • The growing European demand for certain dry fruits, including cashew nuts and almonds, is a good opportunity for local vendors. Ethnic grocery stores are amassing a steady and growing customer base since they offer a variety of food products from beyond the domestic market. Also, metal cans increase their shelf life by maintaining the freshness of the dry fruits and protecting them from harmful outer substances or reactions.
  • The surge in consumer demand for convenience and healthier food because of the busy lifestyle, especially among the working-class people, product innovation, and a rise in quick-service restaurants are expected to drive the canned soup market in the United Kingdom.
  • In addition, an increasing number of consumers are seeking vegan or plant-based products, and the growth of the online retail sector is expected to create lucrative opportunities for the market players.
  • The German online grocery sector is forecast to increase from USD 1.3 billion in 2018 to USD 3.8 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 23.2%. According to the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution), it will likely include the biggest relative growth. There will be an increase in demand for packaged foods and beverages as the German online grocery sector grows. It will increase demand for the metal cans used to package these goods. Food products like fruits, vegetables, soups, and beverages like soft drinks and beer are frequently packaged in metal cans. Increased product volume packaged in metal cans could increase demand for metal cans in the European market due to the expansion of the online grocery business.
Europe Metal Cans Market: Online Grocery Market Size in Selected European Nations, In USD billion, 2018 and 2023

United Kingdom to Hold Significant Market Share

  • The United Kingdom is experiencing high demand for packaged food due to the rising incomes of the people, urbanization, changing lifestyles of the consumers, ease, and convenience in terms of the availability of canned food in the country. Additionally, consumer trends, such as a preference for small-size and multi-pack packaging formats, are supporting the growth of metal cans in the food sector across the United Kingdom.
  • Due to consumer trends and preferences shifts, beverage cans are gaining momentum in specialty drink categories. Carbonated and flavored waters are successfully growing in cans. However, waters are discovering the potential of this pack, too. The progression of filling technology and know-how makes it feasible to pack vital drinks, such as wine, beer, water, carbonated drinks, etc., and keep them fresh and safe. This factor is expected to drive the beverage cans market.
  • The cosmetic market in the United Kingdom is saturated with hair styling products, like serums, hair mousses, heat protection sprays, texture sprays, etc. The growing adoption of the products mentioned above due to the increasing customer purchasing power is expected to drive aerosol cans. Continuously improving consumer lifestyles is backing the demand from the personal care and cosmetic industry.
  • Most washing car owners in the United Kingdom use car polishes to protect them against scratches, bird droppings (corrosive substances), and car washing. Thus, the increasing number of cars on the road is expected to augment the automotive polishes, dyes, and lubricating grease cans.
  • The third quarter of 2021 saw consumer spending on food and nonalcoholic beverages rise to GBP 28,917 million (USD 34,868 million), and the first quarter of 2022 saw it rise to GBP 29,150 million (USD 35,149 million). It will impact the expansion of the European metal cans industry. Changes in consumer spending patterns can reflect changing preferences for convenience foods and packaged foods. Metal cans offer convenience in storage, portability, and shelf stability, making them a popular packaging choice for many consumers. As consumer spending on food and beverages increases, the demand for convenient, edible, and easy-to-transport products may also increase. Metal cans fulfill these requirements, bringing them to the market at an affordable price and contributing to the growth of metal cans in Europe.
Europe Metal Cans Market: Consumer spending on food and non-alcoholic beverages, in million GBP, United Kingdom, Q4 2019 to Q1 2022