Document Management Systems Market Trends

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Market Trends of Document Management Systems Industry

Healthcare to Register the Highest Market Growth

  • The healthcare industry is on the verge of a complete turnaround augmented by digitalization drives, driven by government initiatives in regions such as North America and Europe, along with a growing consumer propensity toward physicians who adopt digital documentation systems. A recent study that studied over 650 healthcare consumers found that a prominent share (over 90%) of patients wish to use digital tools to interact with their care providers.
  • With the advent of IoT and growing internet penetration, the demand for various AAL solutions and services, such as telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, and mHealth, is gaining traction. Also, physician acceptance of digital healthcare tools is increasing due to improved efficiency and safety. According to a study done by the American Medical Association (AMA) conducted in 2019 and repeated in 2022, tele-visits/virtual visit adoption increased to 28% from 14%, remote monitoring and management adoption grew from 13% to 22%, and remote monitoring efficiency adoption grew from 28% to 37%.
  • The healthcare industry involves collecting significant amounts of data manually through contrasting internal IT systems and numerous collections of documents, databases, and forms. Adopting document management systems enables players in the healthcare industry to create electronic patient records, thus minimizing the risk of misplaced documentation and increasing security access. According to the survey by IBM on Data Breaches, the Healthcare Industry is one the top, so a proper document management system is necessary, which prevents fraudulent and misplaced data.
  • The healthcare business involves various applications, such as electronic health record management, drug discovery, health insurance claims, patient appointment scheduling, stimulating account settlements, implementing post-discharge guidelines, and healthcare workflow management. These applications involve an enormous paper trail.
  • Trust in hospitals and physicians to secure digital healthcare information is increasing, further augmenting the demand; however, trust decreases when it comes to tech companies and the government. Additionally, open-source tools are gaining traction in the healthcare industry, which has propelled many practitioners to adopt open-source technologies for establishing a DMS. Moreover, Big Data and AI are further revolutionizing the healthcare sector. The players are also integrating these technologies within the RPA platform to improve efficiency and patient care while reducing costly administrative errors.
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Asia-Pacific to Register the Highest Market Growth

  • The region's governments' increased adoption of document management systems to stop illicit trade and transportation and improve their workflows. The need for public sector organizations to maintain regulatory compliance while securely archiving old data and documents is anticipated to drive growth in the market for document management systems during the forecast period.
  • For instance, the China National Forest Products Industry Association (CNFPIA) developed the timber legality verification standard, which has been envisaged as an essential element of CTLVS. CNFPIA released the standard that establishes the requirements for legality at the forest management level and throughout the chain of custody, which covers timber legality requirements for document management, transport, and sales, legality verification for domestic and imported timber, development of a timber legality management system, and processing and trading.
  • Asia-Pacific witnesses a majority of students entering the universities for studies, which makes it imperative for the universities to keep a document trail for every student. The number is increasing yearly, allowing DMS providers to tap into the market. For Instance, In Central Asia, Uzbekistan's education sector transformed into an electronic document management system to avoid overspending state budget allocations to education and achieve greater transparency in the exchange of information among educational institutions and higher authorities.
  • The rising adoption of DMS solutions by the government, manufacturing, and other sectors is expected to boost the adoption in Asia. In 2022, Ameex Technologies partnered with Optimizely to enable transformative experiences and comprehensive Digital document solutions in Asia-Pacific. Such partnerships and trends drive the need for DMS Solutions.
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