Data Historian Market Trends

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Market Trends of Data Historian Industry

Cloud Deployment To Drive the Market Growth

  • The growth in cloud deployment has been a key factor in the growth of data historians. The growth of cloud development has led to the availability of scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure that can handle a large amount of data, making it ideal for data historians. Further, cloud development has made it easier to integrate data historians with other cloud-based tools and services, such as data analysis and visualization, and creating demand for data historians.
  • Cloud services adoption for the storage and management of consumer data can be attributed to the growth of cloud deployment. Payment gateways, online transfers of the fund, digital wallets, unified customer experiences, etc. services are playing a significant role in the BFSI industry, assisting with the overall shift to cloud deployment.
  • In June 2022, Eros Investments, a media, entertainment, and technology portfolio of ventures - Eros Media World, Eros Now, and Xfinite's Mzaalo signed an agreement with Wipro Ltd to evolve and scale the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based content localization solution. Eros Investments and Wipro's joint content localization service will be available to media and entertainment companies in two deployment models such as platform-as-a-service and private cloud deployment. Such initiatives from companies of different sectors to avail solutions in the area of cloud deployment are further expected to support market growth.
  • Moreover, cloud deployments are allowing data historians to easily scale up their infrastructure as per the changing needs of their customers and eliminate the need for expensive hardware, reducing the overall cost of data historians. This makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to use data historians.
  • Since the pandemic, the demand for cloud computing skyrocketed among many businesses as cloud services improve infrastructure efficiency, lower operating costs, and optimize business operations in response to changing conditions, giving rise to various cloud deployment models.
Data Historian Market: Cloud Deployment, in Percentage, by Cloud Location, Worldwide, 2022

North America Expected to Hold Highest Market Share

  • North America is expected to hold the highest market share owing to increasing spending on research and development for innovation in the data historian market in the region. Moreover, the region has vendors like Honeywell International Inc., General Electric Company, Rockwell Automation, Inc., etc., continuously investing in the market.
  • The demand for data historians is expanding steadily in the region, fueled by consistently increasing demand for industrial automation data for performance improvement, rising use of Big Data analytics across various economic sectors, and constantly expanding IoT infrastructure, which generates an increasing amount of data that can be collected and analyzed, and other tech market trends.
  • The region also contributes substantially to the global data center demand from the IT, BFSI, retail, and healthcare industries. Real estate experts, such as CBRE, have reported that the United States occupies almost 90% of data center space worldwide. This is further boosting the demand for data historian markets.
  • For instance, in the past five years, Google has invested more than USD 37 billion in its offices and data centers in 26 states which is in addition to the more than USD 40 billion in research and development invested in the United States in 2020 and 2021. Further, in April 2022, Google announced plans to invest approximately USD 9.5 billion in its United States offices and data centers in 2022.
  • Moreover, organizations in North America are increasingly recognizing the value of data analysis in decision-making and are looking for solutions to manage and store a large amount of data. This is driving the demand for data historians.
Data Historian Market - Growth Rate by Region

Data Historian Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)