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Uganda Petroleum Products Companies (2024 - 2029)

Several companies in the energy sector are making significant strides in their respective fields. These enterprises range from those specializing in petroleum products to those focusing on global energy solutions. The firms are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices and innovation, contributing to the overall growth and development of the energy industry. These corporations continue to make notable advancements, illustrating the dynamic and evolving nature of the sector.

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Top Companies in Uganda Petroleum Products Market

This report lists the top Uganda Petroleum Products companies based on the 2023 & 2024 market share reports. Mordor Intelligence expert advisors conducted extensive research and identified these brands to be the leaders in the Uganda Petroleum Products industry.

  1. Vivo Energy Uganda Ltd

  2. TotalEnergies SE

  3. Nile Energy Limited

  4. Stabex International Limited

  5. Hass Petroleum (U) Limited

*Disclaimer: Top companies sorted in no particular order

 Uganda Petroleum Products Market Major Players

Uganda Petroleum Products Market Concentration

Uganda Petroleum Products Market Concentration

Uganda Petroleum Products Company List

              • Vivo Energy Uganda Ltd

              • TotalEnergies SE

              • Nile Energy Limited

              • Stabex International Limited

              • Hass Petroleum (U) Limited

              • Moil (U) Limited

              • City Oil (U) Limited

              • GP Global Uganda Limited

              • BE Energy Limited

              • Petro Uganda Limited

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          Uganda Petroleum Products Market Companies Summary

          The petroleum products market in Uganda is expected to see growth, despite a decrease in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The market is driven by the use of these products for various commercial purposes, such as in the fishery industry. However, the market's growth could be hindered by the country's heavy reliance on wood fuel. The consumption of diesel, which is used in a variety of industries, is likely to increase during the forecast period. Companies in the petroleum sector have significant opportunities for expansion, particularly if the government provides a legal and institutional framework for downstream operations. The market is also influenced by the increase in transportation services, which are a major consumer of petroleum products. Diesel is a significant petroleum product, consumed mainly in the road and fishery industries. Although these products are not produced locally and are instead imported, the country is expected to commission its first oil refinery by 2027 to meet domestic demand. The growth of the automobile, rail, and aviation industries is expected to drive the market. The Uganda petroleum products market is fragmented, with several major firms operating within it.

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          Uganda Petroleum Products Companies - Table of Contents


            1. 1.1 Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Agreements

            2. 1.2 Strategies Adopted by Leading Players

            3. 1.3 Company Profiles

              1. 1.3.1 Vivo Energy Uganda Ltd

              2. 1.3.2 TotalEnergies SE

              3. 1.3.3 Nile Energy Limited

              4. 1.3.4 Stabex International Limited

              5. 1.3.5 Hass Petroleum (U) Limited

              6. 1.3.6 Moil (U) Limited

              7. 1.3.7 City Oil (U) Limited

              8. 1.3.8 GP Global Uganda Limited

              9. 1.3.9 BE Energy Limited

              10. 1.3.10 Petro Uganda Limited

            4. *List Not Exhaustive

          Uganda Petroleum Products Companies FAQs

          Vivo Energy Uganda Ltd, TotalEnergies SE, Nile Energy Limited, Stabex International Limited and Hass Petroleum (U) Limited are the major companies operating in the Uganda Petroleum Products Market.

          Uganda Petroleum Products Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)