UAE Laundry Appliances Market Trends

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Market Trends of UAE Laundry Appliances Industry

This section covers the major market trends shaping the UAE Laundry Appliances Market according to our research experts:

Washing Machine is the leading segment within the Laundry Appliances Market

The growth in this segment of the market is majorly driven by the technological advancement in the Washing Machines which had picked up rapidly since 2017. Many players have significantly focused on the affordability due to the long-term benefits of more advanced, energy-efficient machines. Addition of advanced features to the Washing Machines has become more appealing to the customers. Energy-efficiency, compact designs, self-cleaning functions and smarter usage capabilities integrated in the Washing Machines are all the latest trends that have paved the road for premiumization to get back on track in the Laundry Appliances Market in UAE. The companies which focussed on these kind of smart features in Washing Machines have witnessed good growth rates.

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E-commerce sales grow as an emerging Distribution Dhannel for the purchase of Laundry Appliances

UAE online retail market is emerging fast and is drawing huge attention of investors across the globe. UAE poses the highest internet penetration rates in the world at present along with two other countries Bahrain and Qatar. In the recent times, consumers are mostly using internet to know about the product before making a purchase, and with a larger number of young smartphone users joining the customer base, it is just a matter of time before pre-purchase online research gets converted into actual online transaction. is a leading UAE-based online retailer which had witnessed a 500% Y-o-Y increase in its revenues. While there was some low base effect (as this was only the second year of its operations), a revenue growth rate of 500% clearly shows that online retailing is catching up in the UAE region and the trend is expected to be continued in the coming years.

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UAE Laundry Appliances Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)