Netherlands Sustainable Mattress Market Trends

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Market Trends of Netherlands Sustainable Mattress Industry

Rising Demand for Sustainable Products

A significant share of consumer purchasing decisions in the Netherlands, at around 78%, are influenced by sustainability. Sustainable mattresses are made using materials like latex, cotton, and wool and are helping people to include more sustainable products in their bedding furniture. In the Netherlands, people are willing to pay almost 10% extra for buying sustainable mattresses, resulting in manufacturers charging slightly higher prices for sustainable/organic mattresses in comparison to synthetic mattresses. The sustainable mattress provides significant benefits to the buyers more than their cost with their capacity to regulate temperature, allowing the user to get better sleep. Sustainable mattresses are more durable, flexible, and long-lasting with fibers present in them as compared to synthetic mattresses. These benefits are leading to an increasing number of people adopting sustainable mattresses in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Sustainable Mattress Market: Share of Consumer Purchase Influenced by Sustainability in Netherlands, In Percentage, 2019-2022

Rise in Mattress Sales

Post-COVID-19 revenue of the mattress market in the Netherlands has observed a continuous increase in sales, creating a positive externality for the sales of sustainable mattresses in the country as well. With the advent of COVID-19, spending on bedding furniture in the country observed a continuous increase, leading mattress manufacturers to expand their mattress products, including synthetic and natural segments. By using advertisements and online product availability, manufacturers are focusing on expanding the market size with varying features of sustainable mattresses among the people. Rising overnight stays in hotels post-COVID-19 are leading to rising demand for mattresses from hotels, with sustainable mattresses emerging as a significant option for hotels to provide their guests with a comfortable and restful sleeping experience. These rising trends in sales of mattresses are leading to an increasing penetration of sustainable mattresses in the netherlands.

Netherlands Sustainable Mattress Market: Revenue of Mattress Market in Netherland, In USD Billion, 2019-2022

Netherlands Sustainable Mattress Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2024 - 2029)