Connected Agriculture Market Trends

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Market Trends of Connected Agriculture Industry

By Application, Smart Irrigation is Analyzed to Witness Substantial Growth

  • The smart irrigation application is analyzed to witness significant growth over the forecast period. The application of connected agriculture in smart irrigation is further amplified by the growing use of Smart water management, which is an integral part of the solution for water management challenges. The potential application of smart systems in water management is vast and includes solutions for water quality, water quantity, and efficient irrigation.
  • Moeover, water scarcity may directly affect nearly 20% of the human population by 2025, UN reports state, and indirectly influence the rest of the planet's inhabitants. Smart water systems based on the combination of the IoT, big data, and AI technologies may help stop these predictions and undo the damage the imprudent usage of water resources has already caused.
  • Further, Smart irrigation provides solutions to society's critical challenges, such as supporting global food security and protecting water resources. Rising awareness regarding advanced technologies in irrigation and real-time data access to farms among large-scale farmers are some of the applications of connected agriculture solutions and services in the smart irrigation landscape. Such developments further foster the growth of the segment.
  • According to IEA, by 2040, it is predicted that the total amount of water that will need to be withdrawn will be 4,350 billion cubic meters. The increase in water consumption in recent decades has outpaced population growth by a factor of two. Such huge water consumption and withdrawal would create an opportunity for connected agriculture solutions and services application in smart irrigation.
Connected Agriculture Market: Projected  Water Withdrawal and  Consumption,  in Billion Cubic Meters, Global, 2025-2040*

Asia Pacific to Witness the Highest Growth

  • The Asia Pacific region is analyzed to witness significant growth in the connected agriculture market over the forecast period, owing to presence of significant number of market vendors, emergence of new age agri-tech startups coupled with growing use of advanced technologies in farming. In addition, various government initiatives to support smart agriculture in the region is analyzed to create growth opportunities for market vendors in the coming years.
  • Japan's agricultural production expenses are high in comparison to other countries, owing to the high cost of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and agricultural gear. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, rice cultivation, Japan's principal agricultural commodity, costs, on average, JPY 9,180 in total input costs for every 60kg of rice produced last year. Fertilizer expenditures account for 13% of this total, with agricultural machinery and implementation accounting for the remaining 32%. As a result, advancements in connected agriculture that reduce fertilizer waste or lower machinery costs will tremendously benefit Japanese farmers.
  • Further, the Department of Agriculture (DA) in the Philippines is evaluating the potential of drones to change the way seeds are planted, the way fertilizers and pesticides are applied, and the way crops are monitored. Moreover, the Ministry of Japan set a goal to introduce agricultural drones for about half of the land planted with rice, wheat, and soy across Japan by 2022.
  • In India, the Maharashtra government has yet to develop a policy following the Center's clearance of the use of drones to spray pesticides in October 2022. Before approving subsidies under the Center-approved drone purchase program, the state administration is awaiting clarifications. Drones are being promoted as a way to combat the labor crisis and advance agricultural mechanization. International agrochemical company Syngenta said on Monday that two of its fungicide formulations had been given the go-ahead for drone spraying by the central pesticide board, the organization in charge of spraying regulations.
Connected Agriculture Market: Global Connected Agriculture  Market - Growth Rate by Region (2023-2028)

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