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Riboflavin Market Size is Set to Grow at a CAGR of 4.5% (2018-2023)

As people become more health conscious, their awareness on the benefits of a dietary supplement is increasing. Multivitamin/multi-mineral supplements with riboflavin help in metabolizing food and maintain healthy skin, blood, and brain functions. Thus, there is an increased demand for Riboflavin.

July 26th, 2018: The global Riboflavin market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.5%, as per a new report published by Mordor Intelligence, LLP. The rise in geriatric population along with increasing health supplements in many countries has given rise to a paradigmatic shift in the consumer behavioral pattern which has directly affected dietary concerns. These have typically triggered a change in lifestyles and nutritional patterns where people are now opting for the nutritional supplement. Vitamin B2 is used to boost metabolism and generate energy among health-conscious people, such as pregnant women, guardians of infants and the older population.

Riboflavin plays a crucial role in efficient metabolism and against cell damage. It also acts in enhancing oxygen delivery to athletes. Vitamin B2 deficiency can lead to exhaustion and fatigue in an athlete.

Riboflavin is used as a colorant in liquid food products and also used as a fortification of various food and beverage products, such as multivitamin juices, baby food, and instant-drink powders. It is suitable for use as a colorant in liquid food products.

Companies operating in the global vitamin B2 market have capitalized on the rising awareness among the global population by conducting several awareness programs about vitamin B2. This has further boosted the prospects of the global riboflavin or vitamin B2 market.

Key Insights from the Riboflavin Market Report:

  • The increasing cost of healthcare facilities is fueling up the health-related concerns among consumers, in this way, growing the demand for natural food supplements, like dietary supplements, etc. is the key driver of the riboflavin market.
  • Riboflavin as polymorph modification B, which gives natural-origin color” are being adopted by most of the manufacturers in various processed food sectors.
  •  Increasing processed food consumption and changing dietary pattern has led to higher demand for Riboflavin. Manufacturers are using Riboflavin instead of artificial color and marketing these ingredients for better market positioning.
  • Riboflavin deficiencies are rarely found in the United States due to the presence of adequate amounts of the vitamin in eggs, milk, meat, and cereals. Riboflavin deficiency is frequently experienced in chronic alcoholics, malignancy, hyperthyroidism, and in the elderly due to their poor diet habits.
  • Riboflavin helps in the growth and production of cells naturally making it a contributing agent in maintaining glowing and youthful looking skin. Therefore, it is considered as an excellent antioxidant.
  • These key players have intensely embarked on industry consolidation by leveraging their distribution network, entering into partnerships with local distributors especially in the emerging economies and developing new products with customization for different end-user industries.

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The report Riboflavin Market- Segmentation by Type, By Application, By Geography

Riboflavin Market by Type,

  • Food grade
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Feed grade

Riboflavin Market by Application,

  • Application
  • Animal feed                                  
  • Food Additives
  • Health Supplements
  • Pharmaceutical              
  • Other Applications

Riboflavin Market by Region

North America

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico


  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Russia

Asia Pacific

  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Australia

Rest of the World (ROW)

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